50 shades of - Le Vernis Grey - L'Oréal Paris

by 15.2.15

In all the shades of grey, there is a color for every girl. I love to wear a light grey for day time and metallic grey with a lot of sparkles for Epica shows.

L'Oréal came out with 'Le Vernis Grey' nail polishes during the '50 Shades of Grey' madness that is going on. I'm sure you've all heard about the books. Naughty, naughty love story with lot's of baby making. Now the movie is making a lot of hearts beat faster in the cinemas.

Here are the colors that I was sent to test and swatch for you guys!
There is a great variety in colors and effects. I was very excited to try out the Wax Effect and the Spiked Effect since I do not own any of these kind of nail polishes.  Black and white are always great basics to have.

Which are your favorite shades of grey? Did any of you read the book?
I myself read the first one, the second one I didn't finish because it was becoming a bit boring.
The movie trailer looks promising, but I am not sure if I want to watch that in the cinema. I will check it out once it becomes available on Netflix.

001 Snow in Megeve, 885 Aux Chandelles, 890 Masked Lover, 891 Noir Whisperer, 893 Metallic Cuff, 603 Parisian Rooftops, 604 Metropolitan, 702 Black Swan

891 Noir Whisperer -Spiked Effect-

885 "Aux Chandelles" -Wax Effect -


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  1. Jessie Line15.2.15

    My favorite Shades of Grey is a dark one with much sparkle (i love sparkle) :D

    Because you ask, i don't have read the books ...but i have listen to the ear books, because i don't have so much time for reading (if i'm not on german tour with epica i have family, dogs and i have to learn much much much for pass my exames ^^)

    I like the story and the idea behind...but i'm not really sure if its the perfect film for cinema? Maybe i wait til it comes on Blue Ray or something..but we will see, maybe i watch it in Cinema... =)

    Let us know if you have watched if you liked it or not, i'm curious =)
    Cheers and nice sunday =)

  2. Julia Stopczyk15.2.15

    I really like grey colour and I must say that 'Wax Effect' looks great. It's the best shade.
    I read all three books and I will probably go and see it in the cinema, but what I've heard already it's not as good as many people would expect.
    Write an review when you will after watching ;)

  3. Annie Galuszka15.2.15

    J'adore le 890 et le 891. Le premier Vernis que tu as mis, te va très bien ;).

  4. Parisian Rooftops and Black Swan are my kind of colors! But Aux Chandelles looks great, too. I don't now if I'd wear it though, because I'm very pale.

    I've read all the books, even though I didn't enjoy the first one very much. In my opinion it does get better, but let's be honest they're not literary masterpieces. The movie looks very promising though!

  5. mozuca17.2.15

    Simone, how did you keep the hair dye during pregnancy? I mean, even after giving birth, what brand/color is safe to use and how long I have to wait during pregnancy and after giving birth? Please, make a Q&A about your hair and include pregnancy answers on that.
    Thank you so much. Best wishes for you and your family.

  6. Alessandra18.2.15

    Hi Simone! Grey is my new favourite colour for winter, I really love it for clothes, makeup and nails too! I've already got a nail polish similar to 885 Aux Chandelles, 890 Masked Lover and 891 Noir Whisperer look very interesting!
    Hope they last long on the nails!

  7. Mariele Castán20.2.15

    My dear Simone PLEASE tell us which are your favorite fragrances EVER!!! I'm so curious about that it might be a TOP TEN :-) Love you so much and blessings for you and baby Vinnie. :-* <3

  8. Hi Simone I read 2 of the books didn't like them. They are kinda pornographic more than erotic. I watched the movie at the cinema and it's really bad. The actors are really bad, it doesn't look real.

  9. Georgia A21.2.15

    I tried to read the first book, but I stopped in the middle because I was too busy laughing at the fact that the writer looks like mom. And she wrote kinky porn which she dedicated to her 2 sons!!! HAHAHAHAHA....dear God! My sister, mom and I laughed so much....
    Out of the Wax effect shades, I would definately go for "Aux Chandelles"

  10. Georgia A21.2.15

    If I rememeber well, there are 1 or 2 articles on this blog about her favorite fragrances. Look them up! :))

  11. Eilenna21.2.15

    The light grey nail color is so pretty!!

    I haven't read the books, but I've read excerpts from them. My general opinion is that these books are badly written Twilight fanfiction... The sex scenes get repetitive pretty fast. And sadly does not portray a consenting BDSM relationship at all. 50 Shades of Abuse more like...
    Of course a writer should have the right to write whatever she wants, and I don't have a problem with erotica at all. But these books are problematic because they glorify abuse, and so many people think these books are sexy, cute and exciting. And it may be to read, but a relationship like this in real life is a tragedy.

  12. Manotas14.3.15

    I saw you yesterday in Buenos Aires concert! Was great. I came here to talk about giving birth. My experience was fine... I was strong, but I was so scared... the pain was terrible... I never screamed, but I shook for hours, my legs where shaking... I wish I knew about this.
    You're an excelent mother. All famous women have elective cesarean :/