Chit Chat #4 – European Enigma, a Sold Out Success –

by 10.2.15

Never ever did we dream that this would be one of the most successful tours we've ever done! Together with a great team, we've accomplished 8 sold out shows, had the best time ever and are truly happy Epicans. We made new friends and saw new and familiar faces.

Dragonforce and Diablo Blvd are awesome bands to tour with, very relaxed and very professional.
The guys from Dragonforce spoiled me on my birthday and got me some lovely flowers, booze, a heart shaped pillow and a birthday card, which was very endearing. My boys got me a cake, the people at the venue baked me a chocolate cake, a friend from Berlin made me a apple cake. You are all so sweet! I was spoiled so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

From the beginning of the tour I had a nasty cold that was sitting on my vocal cords. In Berlin (on my birthday), I woke up without a voice. A doctor had to come and gave my an IV with several liquids.
Right before the show, my voice was almost gone. I had to sing some weird variations of the songs that we played that night and drank tea instead of beer ;) Some tunes were absent and I tried my best to just ignore that. It was my birthday and I didn't want to let it get the best of me. Always think positive, it is the best natural medicine :)

The cold accompanied me the whole tour and was like an annoying 7th band member. I was fighting it 'till the end. I was so happy that no shows were cancelled and that my voice pulled through. Thanks to many teas and smoothies, work outs with Isaac, Mark and Coen, I managed to kick ass, even with a bloody cold.

I would like to thank our wonderful, hardworking crew, our crazy cute colleagues from Dragon Force and Diablo Blvd, our bus (that didn't break down) and got us safe to all our destinations, and (save the best for last), our loyal fans that came to see us play live and have a good time with us.

Dankjewel allemaal!

I've added some funny out take pictures of our VIP sessions and live shows to this post. Enjoy!

Our upcoming tour will be in South America, starting on February 26th. Kicking ass on stage together with our South American Epicans!

Where's Simone?
There she is!
She Devil in Poland.
Goofing around is what we do.
We like!
Coen's face cracks me up!
Hair-whipping symphonic metal.


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  1. Jessie Line10.2.15

    oh thats me *yay* i'm on smoonstyle now *haha* it was a very very veeeeery great tour 😍💋 thank you for not canceling a show and give us so much love! all the best and see you again in april 😊

  2. Judit Agárdi10.2.15

    Your show in Budapest was freakin' amazing!!! :) Thank you, it's always a great pleasure to welcome you guys in Hungary! I hope you'll come back soon! :)

  3. Viktorija Olimpija Rakūnaitė10.2.15

    The tour was amazing, I attended the London show (once again :)) and was not disappointed! Thank you so much for the unforgettable experience xx

  4. Simo Wu10.2.15

    yay :D what a pity you didn't add a photo from Wroclaw where you crossed your eyes! :D The show was amazing! :) Hope you'll come back to Poland as soon as possible!

    Remember to check our video!

  5. Adrien Paniel10.2.15

    I saw you in Luxembourg and in Paris, both in vip. It was so great to see you and the guys face to face! this tour just give me all I needed, pleasure, happiness, craziness etc... All I was thinking during the shows was "WOW they're just perfect, they really look like they have fun to be there, like they love to play together! I'm like in heavy metal heaven!" So Simone and the guys, THANK YOU for your hard work, Thank you for your music, for the energy I have after listening to your songs! Thank you Epica!

  6. Annatar10.2.15

    I came to see you in Strasbourg, and as always, it was a great pleasure. I had an amazing time with you guys. Thank you for giving the best of yourselves. I will never forget this show and I hope to see you again and again!
    Bisous de France et vive Epica!

  7. Alessandra10.2.15

    Hi Simone! As a fan i want to thank you and all the Epica members for your great job, you all deserve this success! I hope your voice is fine now, and you're now ready to rock the next part of the tour! Good luck, I hope to meet you all again very soon!

  8. Katarzyna Knycpel10.2.15

    I was on your show in Warsaw! Was really amazing! Thank you!
    Hope you saw our "fan video" :)
    We love you!

  9. Nimedhel10.2.15

    I'm so bummed the show was sold-out before I could buy a ticket for the show in Brussels. I had been waiting for it for months, and when I had enough money to buy it... Sold out! But I'm happy you had a great tour! I hope to finally see you live in whatever show I'll be attending (so bummed there's no MFVF this year... it's always around my brithday and I never get the chance to go because of uni. I'm a sad panda, lol).

    Love love love you and the band! Your music is so great. And this blog is so great. I'm happy we can interact with you in a place that belongs to you, even if it's on the internet. I would love to meet you in person one day.

  10. Christiana10.2.15

    I was so happy to catch Epica in London again! I think this was your best tour yet!! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Julia Stopczyk10.2.15

    I hope you're feeling better now and it's great that you managed to perform all the shows without cancelling them. ;)
    Have fun in the South America!
    Hope to see you soon, love from Poland ♥

  12. Si, I think you meant to write that the next tour is in South America, instead of:
    "upcoming European Tour will be in South America," ;-)

    But great to read. I bet no one even noticed that you had a cold. I watched a few videos on youtube (way before reading this) and didn't notice a thing :D

    Good luck on the next tour. Too bad you guys won't be stopping by in Suriname ^^

  13. Arnold Quilhot10.2.15

    I attend 10 show on this tour and every show was a blast, thanks you Simone & Epica please never stop touring :)

  14. martin10.2.15

    hallo simone bedankt voor de mooie foto,s dank je wel

  15. Erkuden Basabe Olabarri10.2.15

    You are simply wonderful. I wish I can manage to go to an Epica tour one day, my hometown is quite far from places Epica usually visits.

  16. Alondra Celeste10.2.15

    Good luck ! <3

  17. Eric Pacheco10.2.15

    Glad to hear that you're ok now :D

  18. Andreas Friedel10.2.15

    I'm immortalized on Smoon Style now, YAYYY !!!

  19. Loli Meza Liuzzi10.2.15

    I'm looking forward for your show in Paraguay so badly Smoon! :D The first time you came, I was in the middle of the theater. This time I've got to buy one seat on the very first row! I just want to see you already! Best luck in all your shows. :)

  20. notyourbusiness10.2.15

    Being sick on your birthday totally sucks! Been there, done that. I can't wait for you guys to play in the US again because it's long overdue! Can't wait to see Epica for the 4th time!

  21. Renata Sousa10.2.15

    I saw Epica live for the first time in this tour and it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. DragonForce were also great! Most of all, it was great to have been able to chat a bit and take a few pics with Arien, Isaac and Simone ^^ I really hope I'll have the chance to see you again!

  22. Lovely <3 You, Epica, deserve all the best.


  23. Eri Scottini11.2.15

    Hi Simone, thank you for this tutorial. I have a question though, if anyone (you or your followers :p ) could answer it would be great !

    I am a redhead, a fake one, my natural color is light brown. I use henna to color my hair so my ginger is not as orange as yours is something darker lets say kind of auburn (+/- like Kate Walsh) . Anyway, my eyebrows are obviously light brown (and i don't have so many if them, they are sparse) and i don't know how to fill them for 1 match my hair color and 2 don't look fake.

    Wouldn't it be weird if i use something with a point of red on my light brown brows ? Do you know a color or a product that would match ?

    Thank you for your answer and keep on doing great things !


  24. Eff Fobia11.2.15

    Only you could've pulled off singing like that! I wish you'd return to Mexico soon!! I was so upset that I had to miss the last concert :( since you don't tour anymore in San Luis Potosi and I couldn't travel this time. But I refuse to miss the next one! I loved the last Cd.. it was my favourite. Congrats!!! <3

  25. Massiel11.2.15

    I see you really had fun, not only in your birthday :3

  26. I totally adore your current album guys! Being sick on birthday really sucks. How did you manage to sing without a voice o.O? I hope the fans sang for you. I would do :)

  27. Congrats for the tour, looks amazing !!!!! I need March right now! I am very anxious and nervous about the M&G and the Show! It will be the best night of my life! ♥


  28. Beatriz Angelim13.2.15

    Saw you in Strasbourg and, as someone said, I would have never remotedely guessed that you were with voice problems, because you sounded amazing! I hope the upcoming tour will be great and with cold-less! Bye :)

  29. Eva Sêco14.2.15

    Congratulations for the whole band... This huge success is more than deserved! Congratulations for you too Simone, I really admire you both as an artist and person. You keep growing as an artist and your voice improves from album to album impressively! You also do an amazing job live, I know the effort it takes to sing classical and do it with all the noise on stage, headbanging, not staying still (you don't like to be still at all!! Ahah!)... And with a cold!!!! What an artist!!!... And even though you have all the world telling you everyday that you are a muse, beautiful as a goddess you are humble, you are accessible, you are friendly, you are playful... You keep being yourself!

    I wish you all the best, all the happiness and all the greatest creativity!

    You go Simone!

    P. S. : lovely and funny pictures! My favourite was the one of the fan hair moustache (So sweet!).

  30. Eva Sêco14.2.15

    So here we are back in 2009 at Vagos Open Air... I remember you touching my cheek piercings and saying "Oh! That's so cute!", now I don't have them anymore but now I have some lovely dimples. And you signed my arm next to my Eve /Simone tattoo (which became famous, lol) very carefully in order for me to tattoo it the next day. Thanks for all, Smoonchees!

  31. Claudia InWonderland14.2.15

    I'm beyond happy to know that also the 2nd part of the EU tour has been successful. These pictures are so cute and fun, and now I'm nostalgic :( I miss you and I want to see you again ASAP, but probabily I will have to wait years.

    I hope you feel better! Just to be sure keep drinking tea.

    "I would like to thank our bus (that didn't break down)..." :D ahah This is so funny.

  32. Vinicius14.2.15

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  33. Pavel Chibichik15.3.15

    So, Simone!)) I'm looking forward for your gig in Yekaterinburg, Russia. I'm sure you'll kick all f*cking asses that night! It will be your first show in our city (and I hope not the last one) and I do believe you'll like it as much as we will). Waiting for your coming... Good luck for you personally and health for your baby! See ya!

  34. Fräulein Ginger8.5.15

    Hi Simone, as a natural red head I know how difficult it is to fnd the perfect match for thos redish eyebrows. Iam also using the Catrice 010 Blond but Brow'd, but unfortunatly they dont sell it anymore. Have you found a good alternative so far, because I havent :o(