Matte Me - Sleek Make Up

by 20.2.15

Sleek Make Up has been known for their super affordable eyeshadow palettes. Besides those, they also have some amazing blushes as well. Rose Gold is a great dupe for Nars' Orgasm.

A new product that they added to their collection are the 'Matte Me' lip products which are described as an ultra smooth lip cream.

Boy, it is smooth, super opaque, pigmented and fragrance free and most of all, the most matt/mattest lip product that I own! They are very comfortable on the lip and last really well. The wand is quite easy to work with.

Originally I got two colors when I was in London in December. Shortly after trying them, I ordered more on the sleek make up website.

Limecrime has their Velvetines, which I don't own any of. They are quite expensive and for some reason I haven't bought any of their shades yet. They have some very unique colors.

Do any of you own Velvetines?

Matte Me come in six colors and I'll show you the four that I got.

431 Fandango Purple (never thought I'd love a purple lip on me, but I do!)
434 Party Pink (a cute coral)
432 Brink Pink (neon pink, doesn't come off so well on camera)

432 Rioja Red (a classic that will be everybody's friend)

Fandango Purple, Party Pink, Brink Pink and Rioja Red. I absolute adore them!


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  1. Julia Stopczyk20.2.15

    Lovely pictures! ♥ Each one looks awesome on you but 'Party pink' it's my absolutely favourite! ;)

  2. Teky Frost20.2.15

    wow, they are gorgeous *.*

  3. Ana Dobrota20.2.15

    Love the 'Party Pink' <3

  4. Annie Galuszka20.2.15

    J'adore le Violet, il te va super bien, même si c'est la première fois que tu en mets. Trop belle les photos.

  5. Jessie Line20.2.15

    funny, today i was looking for Velvetines because i search for nice lipsticks but i want an vegan one (nope i'm not really a millitant vegan person ;) ) and now you did a post about...maybe telepathy? :D

    i don't order till now but i think about, but you are right, they are expensive! maybe its worth to order one?
    whats are the other reasons you don't buy?

    btw Matte Me is also awesome, is it vegan, do you know this?
    Fandango Purple looks so awesome, i'm not a friend of purple lipsticks but this one is wonderful :-)
    and compliment dear, all colors look so stunning at you!

  6. Laura Woodley20.2.15

    Have you (or would you) try Jeffree Star's new cosmetic range? I've heard good feedback about them

  7. Madows20.2.15

    I recently ordered the cashmere and the suedeberry velvetines, and I am super happy with both of them. It smells like vanilla/caramel and they last a very long time. BUT it's quite expensive, yes.
    I heard the anastasiabeverlyhills liquid lipstick are awesome too.
    I do own some NYX soft matte lip cream, they are perfect and unexpensive but sold out everywhere !!! They don't last as much as the velvetines but, there is more color choices.

    I love all mattes lip products hahaha

  8. Charlotte20.2.15

    Those look amazing! I've been looking into getting some from Sleek because they let you know which of their products aren't vegan. And I'm pretty sure the Matte Me lipsticks are in fact vegan, so that makes me happy.

    Instead of Lime Crime (because of their questionable business practises) I would recommend these other liquid to matte lipsticks:

    Pretty Zombie Cosmetics - (indie brand which is completely vegan & cruelty free, come in great colours)

    Aromi - (lots of colours but a bit more expensive; again completely vegan & cruelty free)

    MUA - (affordable and lots of different colours, cruelty free & vegan)

    Impulse Cosmetics - (they're not liquid to matte, but they have great colours and they're a vegan indie brand)

    Other brands that make liquid to matte: Coloured Raine, Dose of Colors...

    I'm in Canada and shipping costs are always the problem when I'm ordering something, so I tried to recommend brands that had cheaper international shipping. :)

  9. Eugee21.2.15

    You're so perfect and beautiful! I love your photos .. Greetings from Montevideo, we miss you!

  10. Begelmer Imer21.2.15

    I remember when I was at the drugstore and I swatched on my hand the Rioja Red one and 5 seconds later I tried to remove it.. and nothing! It was there for the whole day, quite impressive!

  11. I own the Cashmere and Wicked Velvetines, because I really like the colors, especially Cashmere which is so unique. But I'm not planning on buying anymore Lime Crime products in the future, because in my case the customer service was horrible and I don't really want to support the company, because they've been having this reputation from the start and do things I don't necessarily approve of. It kind of keeps me from enjoying their products.

    The Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks are the same price (as the Velvetines), but I do buy MAC lipsticks for 20€, so why not by this product for $20.00? They seem to be getting lots of great reviews and they have some amazing colors. I'm so into the dark purple/grey-ish ones right now, so I'm probably going to order them.

    As for Sleek, I really like Fandango Purple and would love to have that. Would you recommend ordering from the Sleek Website? How long did the delivery take? I'm asking because I live in the same area.

  12. melissa21.2.15

    i love it , i already order two!

  13. Alessandra21.2.15

    Hi Simone! I'm falling in love with every product you show us >_< these lip tints are awesome, the two in red are my favourite... Maybe I'm going to give them a chance, matte lipsticks are so beautiful but my lips are always so dried :( so they don't look so good...

  14. Jennifer Ospina21.2.15

    I really like rioja red such a perfect red, thank you so much for the tip!

  15. Cristina22.2.15

    I have a lot of purple and pink lipsticks but when I ' m wearing them I can't see myself because of my red hair, strangely on you look good..I' m a red lipstick addict and I have really a lot in many different shades and intensity, I love them cause they are perfect for pale people like me, now I ' m trying to use some other colours and I totally felt in love with "traviata" colour from dolce gabbana, it is a very dark pink-purple and I so beautiful on, and I think on you will be totally great the cream also is very nice and comfortable giving hydration to the lips.

  16. Mariele Castán22.2.15

    Thanks sweetie!!! :-) I remember she posted about some fragrances like Eau des Marveilles, Noa and Chance Eau Tendre but I was thinking in a top ten it would be awesome!!!

  17. Mahtiel22.2.15

    they are indeed awesome each of their own (i like fandango purple the most), but it is really evident that cool colours aren't your friends, they give your skin a kind of sickly pale look. if i were you i'd stick with warm shades, they harmonize with your skin and hair wonderfully :)

  18. Georgia A25.2.15

    You are most welcome. Have a happy day

  19. Semara Simu Shahin26.2.15

    You look amazing in the purple lipstick!! :))

  20. Mariele Castán26.2.15

    Have a great day either !!! :-)

  21. Victoria Calypso27.2.15

    Warm colours looks wonderful on you!
    I like purple shades too but I think it's specific enough shade.

  22. You look adorable, my fav is the first one and the red.
    I only have an eyeshadow pallete, and is good.


  23. Karotiini28.2.15

    Hey Simone! Thanks again for the tips. Im lazy with comments, but you have given me so many spot on recommendations with beauty products so I like to trust your opinion a lot as Ive seen they work for me and suit my own taste =).

    I would like to hint you now about Inglot makeup foundation. Its the best I have ever had before (have used different brands from high end to drugstore). This one has a perfect consistensy having enough coverage yet remaining light and "glowy" on the skin. And the shade LW 300 is the most perfect foundation shade ever, for my quite light and slightly yellowy skin. So Inglot cream foundation could be the one for you too, if you havnt found exactly what you are looking for in a foundation =)

    Btw, the Inglot store in Helsinki had their foundation order late for some reason, just as I went to get a refill, and I had to turn for MAC this time. I bought the studio fix fluid and am so disappointed!! The shade NC20 that they chose for me at the store turned out too dark and orange when I applied it on at home and Im not very fond of the consistency either, plus its over 10 euros expensive than Inglot's 24 euros costing product. Oh well..


  24. Typhoid Kelsey4.3.15

    I saw these at my Walgreens corner store and instantly bought three! So, I'm glad to see you also like them.

  25. love it..the pink is super cool, love that kind of colors

  26. Camila Belén15.3.15

    Hi Simone! Could you do a stage make up that you used in the recital in Argentina? I loved it :D (sorry about my bad english)