Monday, January 26, 2015

Beauty Bin #9

This Beauty Bin is extra large so I divided the products in 'face, hair and body'. Like this it is a bit more organized and you can have a better look at the products.

Let's jump right into them. Starting with the BB items which I've used for my face.


  • Balea Ultra Sensitive Face Milk: I use this in the morning to cleanse my face from oil and sleepiness. It is perfect for my sensitive mixed skin. A staple in my routine.
  • Bioderma Crealine: This is always the second to last step in my skin cleansing routine. I've tried other cleansing waters like these, but keep on coming back to Bioderma.
  • Nivea Waterproof Make Up Remover: Bought this one because Lisa Eldridge raved about it. On my eyes it stings, so I won't be repurchasing this again.
  • Mac Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator: This used to he a limited edition product, but is now in MAC Cosmetics permanent range. It is a sugar face exfoliator that contains volcanic ash. It is black as night and when you start to rub it on your face it foams slightly and turns grey. You can also use this as a face mask. It leaves my skin soft and nicely exfoliated. It is also fun to use and scare your partner or yourself when you've forgotten that you put it on and then look in the mirror.
  • Weleda Almond Face Creme: My husband uses this and I got curious and tried it myself. Now I love it. It is quite rich especially for a combo skin, but it doesn't break me out and keeps my skin nice and hydrated. I am already on my third tube.


  • Andrelon Keratine Repair Conditioner: This is my favorite Dutch drugstore brand for hair. It contains silicone, but I need that due to the limestone in the water in my hometown. It smells divine too!
  • Andrelon Keratine Repair 1-Minute Mask: Great for people with little time. It is very rich and creamy. You don't really also need this one. I now only just use the conditioner. Didn't notice a difference between the two to be honest.
  • Alterra Hydrating Pomegranate Shampoo: The home brand from the German drugstore 'Rossman''. I am a huge fan of the scent and the fact that it is free of silicone. Sometimes you need to give the hair a break. This is one works well with the limestone, but I can only use it for a short time. It doesn't lather so well.
  • Alterra Hydrating Pomegranate Hair Mask: Instead of getting the conditioner, I got the hair mask. A total recommendation. No silicone, but still that kind of soft feeling that silicone gives.
  • Rituals Brilliant Bliss Shampoo: Rituals is a my luxury/spa brand. This shampoo makes my hair shine really beautifully, it smells sooo good. It is quite harsh on my scalp, so can't use this too often.
  • L'Oreal Absolute Repair Hair Mask: A product that I have been using on and off for years. A great hair mask, a bit pricy so I prefer to go to drugstore hair masks since I use them quite often.


  • Nivea Creme Care Shower Creme: Love this scent and that it is so affordable. Works good for me.
  • Dove Shower Gel: I'm a Dove shower gel junkie. This is my favorite at the moment. Makes my skin super soft.
  • Balea Body Lotion: The best. Ever. Great for dry skin and for shiny summer legs.
  • Ebelin Nail Polish Remover: This nailpolish remover is acetone free. It does the job and is affordable.
  • Dusch Das Golden Cashmere Deo Roller: Love this scent. I don't use deo sprays anymore because they get me into a coughing fit. Rollers are the way to go for me. I am using up the sprays I have and then it is bye bye deo sprays for me.
  • Nivea Satin Sensation Deo Roller: A great deodorant, but not travel or clumsy friendly because of the fact that is comes in a glass bottle. Tried it once, but will continue to use my Dusch Das and Sebamed deos.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury - K.I.S.S.I.N.G Mini Lipstick Charms

During my visit at the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Selfridges in London I picked up some more items.

She came out with these super cute lipstick charm versions of her K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks. For me the perfect opportunity to try out three shades, without having to spend a lot of money on buying all three in full size.

  • Penelope Pink is a warm soft pink nude
  • So Marilyn is a beautiful classic red that leans more to the cooler side, but the camera picks it up as a more warmer toned red. 
  • Bitch Perfect is a slightly more cool toned pink nude. It is more opaque than Penelope Pink.

I've swatched them all for you to see how they look like when worn on the lips.

So Marilyn I already showed on my first Charlotte Tilbury post and many of you wanted to know which lipstick I was wearing. Now you know :)

The formula is super creamy and hydrating. They feel very comfortable on the lips and even though they are tiny, they do apply really well directly from the bullet.

Unfortunately these were limited edition, so maybe if you're lucky you can find them still on some websites, stores, but on CT's website they are sold out.

From left to right: Penelope Pink, So Marilyn and Bitch Perfect
See how tiny they are compared to a MAC lipstick.
From top to bottom: Penelope Pink, So Marilyn and Bitch Perfect

Which one is your favorite color?


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Glitter Bomb

One of the cool parts of being in a band and doing my own make up is that I can wear glitter on my face, even when it isn't the Christmas season.

For our show in Utrecht, I wanted to create a 3D glitter make up look with a neutral lip. The pin up look was moved aside for this show and made way for the glitter goodness. Kryolan gave me some new glitter to play with and a great adhesive to make sure they wouldn't travel all over my face during the show.

After applying a base of 'metallique' in mysterious blue I went over with a black eyeshadow in the crease to create a cat eye v-shape. On the center of the lid I applied Living Color in Emerald.

The main glitters that I used were Polyester glimmer in Petrol Blue and Polyester Glimmer in Pearl White and Nyx Glitter on the Go in Platinum.

For my inner corner highlight and all over glow, I used Kryolan's Living Color Pigment in Silk Gold.

On the lips I am wearing MAC Creamkiss liner with Posh Tone lipstick on top.

Pictures by Tim Tronckoe


Friday, January 16, 2015

RIP Minou

There will be no more cat cuddles anymore. Last night Minou was run over by a car and died. Minou was a super cute crazy cat that we were lucky to have with us for 3 years.

She was 2 years when we got her from an animal shelter. She changed from a a super shy cat to a family member that secretly did love to cuddle and be held. Her favorite place to sleep was Oliver's pillow.

I will miss her dearly. I'm sure that the people that followed me on Instagram will miss her too.

RIP sweet Minou. I hope you find Schwarzkopf and that you become the best of friends.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015


If you ask me which brand would make the best highstreet brushes besides Real Techniques, I would say ZOEVA. Some of their brushes I even prefer over MAC Cosmetics. 

They released eight new brushes that I would love to introduce to you.

109 Face Paint Vegan €12,80 - A flat contour brush for creme contour
112 Face Curve €12,80 - A flat foundation brush with round edges. Great to get into more difficult areas of the face.
107 Powder Polish €16,80 - For the application of loose and pressed powder foundations. I use it for my MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation.
129 Luxe Fan €10,80 - This is a multi tool friend you don't want to miss in your kit. You can use it for applying highlight, face powder, bronzer and blush. I mainly use it of applying highlighter, but will also try out the other ways as well.

310 Spot Liner €6,80 - The smallest of the new brushes, but my favorite! Originally meant for eyeliner, tight lining and filling in the gaps between the lashes. I use it also for 'spot' control damage. Covering up spots, blemishes, light scarring. I need to get more of these! Totally recommend this! Indeed the smallest brush. Size does matter ;)
325 Luxe Brow Light €7,80 - For applying highlighter on the brow bone.
220 Luxe Grande Shader €8,80 - Apply your eyeshadow with one swipe. Great for bigger eye shapes.
114 Luxe Face Focus €12,80 - Great for precise application of blush, highlighter, contouring. I love to use it to set my concealer with. Another one of my favorites!

These brushes are super affordable, great quality and super soft. They don't feel like some bearded guy is peeling your skin, like some other brushes of a bigger brand do. They survive washing without shedding hair. 

If you are starting with make up, ZOEVA is a safe choice. You get more than your money's worth.

You can order ZOEVA online: ZOEVA


Monday, January 12, 2015

Pure Red - L'Oréal Paris

A red lipstick should be part of every woman's make up collection, if you'd ask me.

Nowadays there are so many different shades that suite every skin type, eye color, hair color.
My collection of reds has expanded explosively. I love to wear a red lipstick during the day and at night and onstage. It fits to all kinds of make up, a neutral eye, a smokey eye (check out my Charlotte Tilbury post) or a classic pin up look with a nice flick of a black liner. To be honest, the options are limitless. It is just how you feel comfortable, how it represents you and your mood.

L'Oréal Paris came out with some lovely red matte shades that suits every woman. I picked out three and swatched them for you guys to see!

The finish is matte, the texture is super creamy and they feel very lightweight on the lips. They don't dry out at all and are super gorgeous. Have a look!

Heike, Blake, Liya
Heike, Liya and Blake

Which one do you think suits me best? I know that Liya and Blake look quite similar, but my camera had a hard time with all those red lipstick pictures it had to document. My camera is seeing red ;)


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury -The Dolce Vita Luxury Palette

Charlotte Tilbury is a renowned make up artist that has not only worked with the biggest stars in hollywood, but also behind the scenes of many other make up companies, helping them create new products.
When the news got out that she would launch her own line, I was very curious to see what you would come up with. 
After eyeing on many of her products online, I had the chance to go to Selfridges in London and get my some Christmas presents. 

One of the products that I purchased, which I want to show you today, is 'The Dolce Vita' Luxury Palette. One of the most popular palettes in her range. Used my make up artist from Beyonce amongst many other.
It is a colour coded eyeshadow quad that has fool proof concept behind it. 
In this palette you can go from desk to disco looks that are created easily by the Tilbury Code. 

From the bottom left to right; Prime, Enhance, Pop and Smoke. 
Prime is a gorgeous nude champagne color that primes the lid. If you want to lighten your eyes, this color is the way to go.
Enhance is a a beautiful reddish brown that has already become one of my favorite colors. I just love to wear these kind of shades, because they compliment my type.
Pop is very fine pressed golden bronze glitter. It applies best with the fingers. It doesn't work so well with a brush. 
Lastly the Smoke color; a medium dark brown with bronze shimmer shot through.

All eyeshadows blend well. I had a bit of fall out when I tapped my brush in and also on the face, but after a little clean up, it was all fine.

The packaging is really nice and classy. It is not heavy at all which makes it a good travel companion.

My Dolce Vita eye look:

I first put Prime all over the lid and then Enhance. To give it a smokey effect I put Smoke in the crease and underneath my lash line. The Pop went straight over my entire lid. Prime on the inner corners of my eye.

The eyeshadows are so stunning, that I opted for a tight line. On my lower waterline I added Sephora Flashy Brown eye pencil.

Any of you are a Charlotte Tilbury fan as well? I think she is an amazing artist with a great make up line. I wanted to get everything, but you should always leave some to desire. I will wait for next Christmas or when I am in England or the US again.

Do you like the look?

More on Charlotte Tilbury to come soon!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Neutral Nails

After all the colorful Christmas, New Years Eve nails I was longing for a nice neutral nail. That can sometimes also be good for a change. 

I started of with my favorite base coat from P2 the Base and Care coat. I totally recommend this! Sometimes I just use two layers of this and I am ready to go. Today I wanted to add another nail polish to it to give it just that extra chique look.

The nail polish I went for was Essie's Limo-scene. Lisa Eldridge once wore it in one of her videos and I had to have it of course. When I first used it, I wasn't so pleased with it. It is quite streaky.
With two base layers and two layers of limo-scene it looks amazing!

My nails were topped of with Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat. It never fails! Good for people with little time and patience to do their nails.

What is your favorite neutral nail?