Chit Chat #20 Summer Festivals

by 21.6.17

I am currently trying out a new blogger app called BlogTouch Pro for my iPad and iPhone. So far I like it! The old Blogpress wasn't cutting it for me. This is my first post trying it out. Sometimes I would like to write a quick post, but can't be bothered to open my big 15-inch laptop.

My question to you guys; do you like sponteous blog posts or would you prefer the 'slick' and well organized ones? I know a lot of you like my Chit Chats and those are more spontaeous compared to some beauty posts, that can take up several hours and sometimes days in certain collaborations.


Last week, I was on tour with Epica. We started in Milan where I had the best time with Cristina. We recorded some announcement videos for the upcoming North American Tour, celebrated her birthday, and unwrapped presents. I look forward to the tour where we will have more time to hang out.

Next was Switzerland. A beautiful festival with the best catering! They had everything that a health nut desires. Great options for vegans and vegetarians. I wrote Julia that I was going to be in Switzerland, not knowing that I was so close to her. When we found out it was only a 30-minute drive, we decided to meet. After some difficulties getting her in, we hung out and it was like we saw each other just yesterday, even though it had been almost three years since we last saw each other. We will meet again soon for long walks in the forest, makeup time, and cooking sessions. Looking forward to that!

France was our third stop. First, a day off in the Bercy area. I was feeling a bit under the weather since the beginning of the tour. Must had gotten a cold from a super rainy day at the Bodensee. Instead of being the über tourist, I wanted to chill a bit. Eat and chill was on my agenda. There was a little shopping area close to the hotel and also a Sephora. I did some damage... would you like to see a mini haul?

I put my little shopping bag on the floor at a cafe where we all were sitting. After we switched restaurants, I found out that I left it there. I ran to the first restaurant to find my bag still lying on the floor. I was lucky!

Our show would go down in our personal history as the hottest (not meant in a sexy way) ever! The sun was shining full force on the stage. It felt like 80 degrees Celsius. On top of that, we had a lot of flames and pyro with us. It became unbearable at some point. I could move a step back, but Mark and Isaac were bound to the mic stands and had to stop singing at some point. Huge respect for Rammstein!

On to the Netherlands. We decided to do a club show in between the festivals. The new Bibelot in Dordrecht was the place to be.

I remember the shows from the old Bibelot really well. That time where I forgot the ending of "Consign to Oblivion" the night before we played there many years ago. I told the audience to help me out for the next show, which would be the Bibelot. They wrote the end lyrics on a big card board for me to read it....

Our show at the new Bibelot was sold out, yay! We had some difficulties starting the show because the smoke from the stage went into the elevator backstage and set off the fire alarm, which caused the power to shut down, right during the first verse of "Edge of the Blade".

Arien soon took over and gave a long drum solo. After we could start again, we gave our all.

We stayed in the Netherlands to record demo vocals for a secret project. It was a fruitful day. These songs are the reason I have trouble sleeping at night. Music can be a blessing and a curse. There are always melodies going through my head and sometimes I can't push stop. At 8pm we took the train back home. I slept at my parents so I could still see them for two hours.

The alarm went off at 6am. Time to go to Brussels to catch the flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. We were interrogated by the employees of the airline company. It was not your average, "who packed your suitcase?" They asked me how long I knew my collegues, which one I know the least, what do I do when I am home, how many concerts do I have, who do I know in Israel, who booked the fights, blah blah. Normally, I stay polite and patience, but I was becoming annoyed and asked if this was normal procedure. I had the feeling some questions were not important for them to know. I forgot to mention that I was one of the first to be "interviewed" and the other boys had shorter interviews. Because of these interviews, we were close to missing the flight.

One of the people I know in Israel is Tal Peleg. You might know her from her amazing art. I did a blog post about her. Due to long customs, we had to post our meeting back one hour. We went to a lovely vegan restaurant, which I can recommend to all of you, called '416'. We had the 'calamari, 'steak', 'spicy lemonade', and taco salad. Absolutely delicious!

We talked about everything – our love for black cats, and exchanged beauty tips and products. We had a lovely time. It was great to finally meet after years of 'digital' contact.

Our show at the Barby Club was another sold out one. My throat was hurting, but due to good throat medicine, thanks to Miri, I sang my way through the show. This time I didn't get sun burned, because I kept my EpiCap on, and lots of sunscreen.

The morning after the show, we all went back to the beach to enjoy the waves and sand between our toes one last time before heading back to Brussels. We had a long travel day, no dinner until a quick stop at 'Quick' five minutes before closing time. I never like to eat shortly before going to bed, but we were all hangry.

On the morning of our show at Graspop Metal Meeting, I started to feel the cold sitting on my vocal cords. A lot of tea, rest, and lax vox helped me through the day, but I felt that it was not going the right direction.

In between interviews, I had a couple of minutes to hang with Tarja. We had a short, but very funny photoshoot with Tim, and then both had to hit the stage.

Our show at Graspop has been one of my top 10 of all time. What a crowd! The sun was shining on our faces and the flames went up high. The whole field was filled with metalheads as far as the eye could see. Such a great experience and memory that I will cherish for a long time.

Rammstein was headlining the festival, but would go on at midnight. I needed some sleep because our alarm would go off at 5am.

Rob and I took an early shuttle to go back to our hotel at Sunpark. The driver misunderstood us and heard 'Centerparks'. Rob and I were talking and talking and at our arrival to the hotel, we thought things looked a bit odd. Sunparks is huge and has many entrances. We realized quickly that we were at the wrong location. I ran back to catch the driver and luckily, he didn't drive away.

In the end, we were in the car for 1.5 hours instead of 20 minutes. Arien left GMM later than us and had to wait for us at the hotel...

After three hours of sleep, we left for Düsseldorf Airport. I felt that my voice was not in a good shape. The cold and, on top of that, some short nights really ruined my voice. I was dreading the show at Novarock, Austria. After our arrival at the airport, I went to the hotel to get some sleep before the show. It was only one hour, but it helped me a bit.

Lunch, signing session, interview, and then showtime. We had difficulties with the technical side and started later. We had to skip one song, and I was relieved we did, because my voice was refusing to sing certain notes... Halfway through the show it was getting better. I managed to get through.

As I am typing this post, which is four days after our show at Novarock, I am still a bit husky. All will be good until our next show. Thank goodness!

If you made it this far, let me give you a big hug and a home made ice lolly. :) Stay hydrated and thank you for visting my blog!

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  1. Annie21.6.17

    Good morning Simone. Personally I prefer your posts "Chit Chat" as your posts beauty. You make me travel thanks to this. I noticed at Graspop that your voice was weaker. I hope she's better today. I was very happy and happy to see you again at the Graspop. Thank you for the signing session. It was short and unfortunately my photo with you is a little blurred, but the joy of seeing you far outweighs. I hope you enjoyed the macaroons. I can not wait to see you. I wish you a good day.

  2. Hi Simone, thanks for the blog, that was a really cool experience, thanks for sharing, I like both kind of blogs, this was specially good, I think that even if you had a cold, you enjoyed every instant!

  3. Totally love these posts!! Glad you had a great time, and make sure to look after that beautiful voice of yours :) xx

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Great post Simone! I watched your show at Graspop on livestream and holy crap, it was amazing! I was sitting on the sofa, but I really felt this energy! I hope your voice is getting better ;)
    Cheers from Poland 😘

  6. Thanks for this post , i love to read your blog ��

  7. Hola, Simone. I hope you're having lots of rest, very well deserved. I love read long posts, so thanks for this one! I loved the photos of the stage too, the fire is just wow!

    Lots of love for you, and greetings from México.


  8. I love your blog. Seeing each conquest of you is an inspiration to me. I hope you and Epica are back in Brazil soon. Success to you and your family. Kisses😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Michele Mayer

  9. Woow ich mag wenn du so detailliert fur uns schreibt! Ich hoffe es geht dir besser! Schone Grusse aus Budapest :)

  10. Hi Simone!! :) Amazing post, reading it I feel like traveling along with you!! :) I hope you feel better! Take care!!! Looking forward for your next post! Kisses xxx

  11. Laura Bello21.6.17

    Hi Simome❤ I hope that your voice get well for the next shows and I really love when share all of this with us. I just want that you do make up videos again, like recreated the make up's that you do on the festivals, I really love that ones�� love u��

  12. Anonymous22.6.17

    I really respect you for doing all this and being a mom . When you get back home it must be hard because you are tired but your child is everything for you. My son was sick then I was sick and I wasn't able to do nothing more than cooking for my family and rest, try turmeric blended (fresh one not powder)with an orange, one spoon of honey (some water) filter the mixture and drink everyday for 4 days . It was really good for me and it's all natural, drink it fast the taste is not good at all . I love your chit chat because it describe the life of a musician and people need to know it's not a vacation, it's a job (very nice one) and you are just human (a very nice one)
    About your blog I am more into makeup and a haul could be nice :) take care ❤️

  13. Love from Israel Simone <3
    the questioning in the airports here are serious due to high security level .. hope it didnt ruin your experience from here ... the show at Barby club was phenomenal ,Thank you so much !
    I Love you !

  14. Love from Israel Simone <3
    the questioning in the airports here are serious due to high security level .. hope it didnt ruin your experience from here ... the show at Barby club was phenomenal ,Thank you so much !
    I Love you !

  15. Hoi Simone,

    Ik hou van je spontane posts, ze zijn erg leuk om te lezen. Vooral deze :-) Heel leuk om te lezen wat er tussen die shows allemaal gebeurd.

    Ik heb jullie gezien in de Ancienne Belgique, en ook op graspop waar ik ook een handtekening van je heb gekregen:-D
    Ik vond het geweldig om jullie daar terug te zien, hoewel je zegt dat je stem niet 100% was heb ik er niets van gemerkt. De energie die jullie uitstraalden was geweldig, ik vond dat je geweldig goed gezongen hebt en ik heb er echt van genoten.

    Veel liefs Simone,
    Tot in Antwerpen!

  16. Dawn Kadmiel28.6.17

    Hey Simon! Great post! It's fun reading of all your experiences and hope you're feeling better.
    I enjoyed your show in Tel Aviv very much, it was a dream come true seeing you all live and you rocked it!!
    Lots of love,
    Dawn Kadmiel from Israel.

  17. All spontaneous post and chit chat are the best. I feel closer to you without being/feeling stalker.

    Thank your for your time.