Sephora Haul

by 27.6.17

These pretty beauty items almost didn't make it to this blog post. Being a little stuffed from my cold, I forgot to take my bag of Sephora goodies with me to the second restaurant.

I went to the Sephora at the Bercy shopping street twice... The first time I bought two items and then I wanted to go back for more. Sound familiar?

Two of the Epicrew boys joined me during my first spree. I asked them if they knew what they would get themselves into. They walked right into the Sephora jungle, clueless. They didn't last long because the security working at Sephora thought they were my pimps or something of that sort. Poor boys!

On the photos you see 4 products. The fifth I didn't photograph, but it is the Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover.

Here is my little haul:

Too Faced Love Light - Prismatic Highlighter - Blinded by the Light
Normally I try to avoid anything heart shaped merchandise, because I am not that kind of girl. I don't like ponies nor the baby pink. These highlighters did really catch my eye, and enough for me to ignore the heart-shaped packaging. It also helped that Lisa Eldridge used these in a tutorial.

Sephora - Wonderful Cushion - Natural Glow Face Luminizer
What I like about Sephora is that they have little counters that are dedicated to certain beauty products. One in particular that makes my heart beat faster, are highlighters! Yes! Always on the hunt for new products. I was actually searching for the Radiant Luminizing Drops, but they didn't sell them in that shop. Instead, I found this beauty. I shall have to include it in a liquid highlighter post soon. So gorgeous! It only comes in one shade and it is on the lighter side.

Sephora Collection - Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick - 01 Always Red
This has to be a cult product by now. Even though I own a lot of red lipsticks, in all shades, sizes, and finishes, there is always room for more. I shall report on how I like it.

Urban Decay - Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner - Distortion
This is my second color out of the glitter eyeliner family from Urban Decay. 'Midnight Cowboy' is my trusty friend when I need to spice up my stage make up. When I am lazy, I lather it on and I am good to go. Since our album is called, The Holographic Principle, I can experiment with all those beautiful colors. I did have a dupe for this one from Kiko, but I believe it is discontinued and it also dried out on me really fast. Time to invest the money. UD is a good brand so it didn't hurt that much to spend about €20 on a glitter eyeliner.

I am looking forward to the upcoming shopping sprees with Cristina when we tour together in North America. We will have ourselves some swatch orgies I can tell you!

Take care everyone!

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  1. Hi Simone! Beautiful make up, thank God you don't lose it...jajaja love u with all mi heart and soul❤

  2. Hi Simone!
    I'd like to see all your make up collection 😍 and also what's in your make up bag! Something like that ❤
    You know that many of us admire so much the way you look wearing make up... have a great day! 🤗

  3. Hi Simone!😊
    You bought amazing products from Sephora! (Love the highlighter) ❤
    Trust me, when I go to beauty stores I want to buy them all!!! hahaha
    Your Vamped Up look photo on Instagram is stunning! You are a great makeup artist as well!!
    Take care! Xxx

  4. Anonymous11.9.17

    Love Sephora I've got the gold card (I am a good customer ha ha ) I was wondering it's been a while that you didn't do a perfume post. What's going to be your favorite smell for the fall and winter?