Travel Pillow - Cabeau

by 2.6.17

As world traveler, I value good travel accessories. One of those important accessories would a good travel pillow for in the airplane, train, or during car rides.

You all know the 'sausage-shaped' pillows that are filled with micro beads. They tend to get a bit soggy after a while. The fabric they are wrapped in can also break – it happened to me once. Those mini beads are a pain in the ass to collect... especially when you don't have a vacuum cleaner close at hand.

After one of my cheaper pillows broke, I wanted to invest in something more sturdy. I came across the Evolution Pillow from Cabeau. This was a revelation for me. The ergonomic design disables your head from tilting forward, a problem that a lot of us have. You also don't create a new air conditioning system by your mouth opening wide. I simply love it!

My first pillow lasted me a year. I tell you it has been used a lot. Mark also purchased one, and his also broke. After a while, they need to be replaced, but I find the $40 totally worth it. 

I even sometimes use this in the backstage to rest my head. One of our crew members also once confiscated it. I didn't blame him.

Do any of you know this pillow? I highly recommend it to all of you. It comes in a couple of fun colors. I chose grey. Not so much a pink girl. ;)

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  1. Yeap! I know this pillow and I must purchase one too, 'cause I have a slight case of scoliosis. It's also suitable to carry it with you and rest your neck at anytime. I prefer grey as well... :) Love the photo, beautiful sunset!!! Kisses... xx

  2. I always see these in any store. Even Mark's but I never have bought since I don't travel much. But that might change in a few years so I should consider it.

  3. Hi simone
    I'll be quick. My comment has nothing to do with this post.
    I only write to let you know that you are the voice that inspires my mind. You are an example of femininity for me and I follow EPICA from the beginning. I would love to meet you and come back to Argentina. You have very faithful people here who yearn to see the last show...
    I follow you on all social networks. I only need to meet you in person. Thank you for your art.

  4. Daniela Ayala13.6.17

    Hi Simone, sorry for my English!
    Thank you very much for all the things you share with us, and all those tips! Without forgetting, of course, the recommendations! ��