by 24.9.10

Here are some pics from our first days while being on tour:

This is Arie, me and Gabriella (our love boat).

I would like to thank Gabriella for their lovely service. I forgot my iPod in my cabin and with some help of the crew from 'Nosturi', I got it back again. Thank you!

Couldn't resist. I had to take a photo when I saw this. I know, not very ladylike.
Here is the Dutch 'United Buddy Bear'.

While doing some sightseeing with my Finnish friend, I saw this buddy and had to take a picture with him.

There was a Ray Ban bus standing in front of the venue. Had to take a picture with that one too :)
A little photo shoot with 'Sjakie'.

That'll be all for now folks :)


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  1. looks like fun! :) who cares if its ladylike. that should never keep you from doing something you want.
    beautiful people, places, pictures. x

  2. Very nice! I think it would be very happy to travel around the world for concerts and have time for some sightseeing.

    Is there any translation to english, spanish or french of the "Farthinder"? I used the google translator but it's not so funny for that alert.

  3. Love the Farthinder, but my favorite is the "Buttstraße"!

  4. Anonymous25.9.10

    How cute! I saw "United Buddy Bears" 2yrs ago in Warsaw. Dutch buddy is one of my favourites,but most I liked Moldova's bear ;)

  5. Lol Farthinder?
    great pics Simone

  6. Wonderfull trip!! have a good weekend simone

  7. So glad that you had fun in Helsinki! And what a great show that was on Friday! I'm happy that I bought tickets to the Stockholm show too. Because the gig was one of those that left you wanting for more. Now I could postpone that sad "it's over" feeling until Sunday. And thaks again for the photos and signature.

    PS. To you for asked wht Farthinder was; it Swedish and means a speedbump.

  8. Looks like fun!Nice to see that you are enjoting your time!
    Beautiful pictures,places and people<3

  9. Thank you so much! The show in Helsinki was amazing! And thank you also for the foto.

  10. You're pretty! You're amazing! I am from Brazil! I love you Simoooone!

  11. It is nice to meet you here!!!!
    Keep posting! ^^

  12. Интересный блог интересного человека :)

  13. Nosturi is definitely very amazing! I saw Raskasta Joulua there (the christmas show with amazing metal singers from Finland) in 2009. Loved it <3.

    Hope you enjoyed Helsinki! I most definitely did ;).


  14. Anonymous23.10.10

    Being ladylike is overrated; it's always better to be who you are and not worry about what anyone else thinks ^_^.

    I'm kinda' confused by the bear, myself, but I guess that's a bit of Euro-culture that hasn't quite made it state-side yet.

    Great photos, as always, Simone ^_^