Simone says 'Spasiba' and Ačiū!

by 14.9.10

Last weekend was our first visit to Russia and Lithuania. We were flying via Dusseldorf airport and this is the first picture that I took:

It's my current desktop picture. It makes me smile.

We had a great time in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kaunas. We tried, whenever we could, to do some sightseeing. Mark and I were running around in St. Petersburg.  It was really sunny and incredibly hot. Silly me forgot my Ray Ban's in the hotel room...

Here's some proof of our little sightseeing tour:

Here's a little 'Make Up Madness' before our show

I bought MAC's 'Club' eyeshadow and loved it! Too bad I lost it in Moscow :( I'll have to get a new one and love it even more ;)

After our show in Moscow, we were taken to the 'Red Sqaure', and of course took some pictures as well:

Our shows were ones to remember. The Russian fans welcomed us with open arms. We received many gifts! Spasiba Russia!

Our next trip was to Lithuania, but the battery of my camera died when we were taking pictures of the Red Square.... and I forgot to take my charger.... (This is what happens when you have to wake up early, after almost no sleep). You tend to forget things...

I was forced to make pictures with my phone, but haven't had time to upload those.

Some of you, who might follow me on Twitter, have read that I loved my hotel room in Kaunas and that we all fell in love with the city. The show was a sweaty one, but we gave our all and had a blast! Ačiū Kaunas!

We'll be back!

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  1. Anonymous14.9.10

    beautiful pictures:)

  2. beauty without explanation

  3. Anonymous14.9.10

    Very beautiful ;)

  4. Mac Club is one of my favourite eyeshadow

  5. Good!
    Long life for EPICA!

  6. hahaha Isaac with a coke behind of you in the makeup pic XD

  7. very nice pictures!! hehe, and your earphones look great ;)

  8. This side of the world it's beautifull..
    it's a joy to hear from you :)


  9. Sounds super! It seems you have lots to write about on your blog, good thing you started one ;-)
    Hmm MAC! I just discovered a while ago that there is a MACshop in Gent (a city not so for away from where I live). It's there since februari and I didn't knew about it!! :-O But now that I know :-):-)

  10. Pity that you have so little time for exploring the cities. St.Petersbug's center is really beautiful and atmospheric, but you haven't seen Petergauf with its fountains and palaces. Walking through the Red Square doesn't mean seeing Moscow too, unforunately, you should walk through the city and catch the spirit. Come back any time to Moscow/Piter and we'll organize you the real diving into the countrylife)))

  11. Wonderful pictures, long live Russia, Lithuania and Epica yeahhh

  12. YOu forgot a lot XD anyway sounds fun the trip

    Take care sweet simone

  13. Ačiū to you, Simone, for a wonderful show in Kaunas. We all hope that you will come back soon!!

  14. beautiful as always

  15. beautiful my dear
    kises sweet simone :D

  16. Hi Simone!
    First time I'm commenting here =)
    I loved the first picture, it's really nice. It made me smile too.
    It's really cool that those concerts in Russia an Lithuania were great.
    Yesterday I was looking at the pictures I took when you were here, in Peru. We also had a great time that day.
    Hope everything's going fine.

    Hugs from Peru


  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Hola Simone!
    bueno es la primera vez que posteo,
    Me encantan tus fotos y se ve que se divierten es Rusia.

    Yo soy de mexico, Orizaba.
    Aqui nos encanta tu musica, es algo que me inspira, esperamos que algun dia puedan dar un concierto aqui.

    Seria algo genial.

    Saludos a todos los de la banda, Saludos desde Orizaba.

    Att: Saray Lilith

  19. It's really nice to hear that you like Moscow.
    We all will wait your next visit in our country!

  20. What's the mascara you're using? And do you recommend the hairbrush with a square paddle like head?

    loving the updates by the way :D xxx

  21. Awww ;)) forgot your Ray Bans, the recharger and lost your eyeshadow. Lovely you^_^

  22. Loving the update <3

  23. Hey Simone!

    Ik ben een fan van Epica !
    Ik heb zelfs een handtekening van u ! :D

    Heel grappig dat je in Rusland bent geweest !
    Ik heb net een Russische koekje gegeten :D
    Ik kan geen Russisch maar ik geloof dat het " Prjaniki" noemt of zo iets !

    Het is een soort pasta met karamel smaak! HEEEL LEKKER !

    Bon, ik verwacht jullie op MFVF ! Ik zal daar zijn VIP! Dan kan ik misschien een foto nemen met u, wat vind je ervan? :$

    Groetjes van België.
    A 17yo fan <3333

  24. Simone, spasiba to you too! =o)

    It was a magnificent concert in St.Petersburg!
    And this music, this energy, this rhythm, this expression and your magic bewitching enchanting vocals till now in my veins and my mind.
    Now every day when I wake up I hear this music inside me. And it gives a powerful energy to live and create with the full force of my heart.

    I hope that you liked in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and we all hope to see you here again.

    I wish you a sound health and good mood for a long time ahead!

    God bless you!


    St.Petersburg, Russia

  25. Mich würde mal interessieren, ob du mal russisches Eis probiert hast. Das, was sehr typisch für Russland ist, heißt 'Plombir' und es ist sehr sehr lecker. Man kann es auch in russischen Supermärkten hier in Deutschland kaufen. =D (Jetzt frag ich mich gerade, isst du überhaupt Eis? Wegen deiner Stimme usw. ...)

    Ich kann's kaum erwarten, euch nächsten Monat in Aschaffenburg zu sehen~

  26. okey but to be right "spasibo" )) (спасибо) but we say "spasiba" +))))))))))))

  27. Да не за что) Наша страна всегда готова принять хороших и добрых людей.
    А вы случаем город Челябинск посетить не хотите? :)

  28. И в Екатеринбург! :D

  29. I have been to Lithuania too some years ago and I loved it! I wanna go to Russia so bad!

  30. Macs club eyeshadow is lovely with there Delft paint pot inder it to bring out the green :)

  31. Hi!!! I found your blog in google image search with keywords "Mac Chrome Yellow" :)

    Funny, I'm from Russia, Moscow. I like your blog and you look so nice! I will be your follower.

    I've never heard about your group, but now I'm interestedin it very much:)

    follow my blog -

    I publish many photos of Moscow, my looks, etc.