by 4.9.10


Since a while I've been searching for a good pair of 'tour shoes'. They have to be flat, comfy and black. Last Wednesday I finally found the right shoes for me:

Today I was walking in them for a while, and I must say that for only 20 euros, they are a good buy! You can find them at 'Deichmann'.

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  1. great shoes! i just love sneakers :))
    hmm, i'm thinking: can i find them in poland? tomorrow i'll check in deichmann :)
    Could you give bigger photo of them? :))

    big hugs! and goodnight :)

  2. i wanted to go shopping with my Mom next week anyway :D i'll watch out for them :)

  3. I'm gonna look for them!*-*

  4. Always pretty. kisses from Brazil!

  5. Hallo Simone, could you change the language of your blogger options?
    Lovely like ever in this pics!!
    Greetings from Medellín Colombia!

  6. I like your shoes! =D

    (Brazil was here!)

  7. They do have nice shoes even if, at least those I bought, don't last a lot, sadly. Hope you will have better luck with yours :)
    Greetings from Slovenia

  8. Anonymous5.9.10

    Something we have in common :) Black flat shoes. I can't walk in heels to save my life, sadly.

    Good to know you prefer black flat comfy shoes.

    I just bought a comfy pair of black combat boots from Walmart for $24.99(USD)

    See ya in Dallas :D

  9. beautiful pics my dear!

  10. Anonymous5.9.10

    Simone, great shoes! I would like to see if they are not in my Deichmann (Poland), so please tell: what brand is on the box? Graceland, or any other?

  11. you look funny and pretty *_*

  12. Anonymous5.9.10

    you have nice foots :), EPICA!

  13. What a beautiful location!
    Good luck with the shoes, they (and you) look really nice =)


  14. Super shoes! What brand are they?
    Little question: How do you manage to have such a beautiful color of hair??
    Great blog! I am a fan;)
    Big kisses!

  15. Nice shoes!

    I think you should intrudce us your make up collection (traincase), that should be fun ;)

  16. How do you do, Dear Simone!
    What charming boots!!! And price is very attractive))
    In my country they would cost as minimum 100 Euro.
    Alas, life in Moscow is very expensive.
    But I’m very happy to congratulate you with the excellent new acquisition))
    P.S. You are so beautiful as always!)))

  17. Thank you for doing this! I just couldn't have been happier. Our drop dead gorgeous Simone is sharing her beauty secrets with us! If you would ask me what is the thing that can make me even happier, I would say that Simone posting about her hair routine! Please please do that :)
    PS: 20 euros?? it is a bargain!
    Sincerely from Turkey

  18. Hello, dear Simone!
    I live in Moscow, where you intend to play the concert on Friday. Four years ago I began to hope that possibly once I will visit your concert. Noting your birthdays, I began to bind for you a shawl. This occupation was given to me very hard since in me there were no habits of this matter. But on this summer I finished the work. For me it will be a big honour to present it to you. I do not consist in your fan club; therefore I can’t to transmit it with other gifts from the fans. But, say please, is there any other possibility for me to present you this shawl?
    Thanks for the attention)

  19. Hello Simone,

    I found your blogue and now I can say this - You Have a Fantastic voice!!! :)

    Cumprimentos de Portugal ;)

    ps: i love photograph to, but i just have a normaly Olympus. xD

    sorry my bad english

  20. Hello! I love your style, you're fantastic!
    Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    Check out my blog as I'm designing my own clothes and doing make-up, It would be really really nice if you write some comments on my pictures and let me know if you like it. I'm pretty sure that you will like it!

  21. Hi! Just wanted to tell you I bought these shoes after I read your post, because they just looked like what I was searching for and I intended to go to Deichmann anyway. So thank you ;)
    [a huge fan from Germany]

  22. Wow, I loved this shoes. They're realy beautiful and seems comfortable (: I've idealized one like this lately. But, I think I can't find one here in Brazil :T

    I love you, S.

  23. love them... wish I could find some here in Mexico! lol maybe in more 3 or 4 years :( I hope to go to Deichmann before :P

  24. I love them! I've been looking for something similar! And 20 euros is a very good deal.. I doubt I can find these shoes for the same price here in Italy, too bad..

  25. Nice shoes, but...this is Kornelimünster, isn´t it? ;-)

  26. haha great photo

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  28. Hi Simone! I didn't Know where to aks this.I would like to aks you what is the accesory that you are wearing in this picture( ),and if you know where I could buy something similar.Thanks!!=)