'Fly To The Moon'

by 4.9.10

After many long years of loyal service, my favorite leather pants has given up on me.

During our show yesterday in Hilversum, I discovered that the fly of my leather pants was wide open.
In between songs, I went to the side of the stage and discovered a rather disappointing sight.

I have no clue for how long I was air conditioned down there. Nobody in the audience gave me a sign! It might have been only for 2 minutes, but could have been the whole show until the moment where I discovered my wardrobe malfunction.

I'm not quite sure if my leather pants are to blame for this, or that it was a combination of my corset pushing on the zipper during the show, while I was showing everybody my incredible dance moves....

Apologies for causing any commotion.

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  1. We want some pic xDDDDDDD ;)

  2. Oooch! I'm so sorry! Hopefully noone noticed...
    Great headline "Fly to the moon" Haha =)


  3. That sucks :|
    I can imagine how embarrassing it was...but it's the first and the last time when it happens :)

  4. of course first commentator is a man!

    don't worry, it could happen to anyone! :)

  5. I think that people are generally amazed that they see You and the whole Epica,so I don't think that anyone recognized it;)But well,its not expensive to repair the flay:)

  6. I hope you're not talking about your pair that is open on the sides, because I love those pants. And you haven't been using them for a while. =/

    But I honestly think that if someone noticed it and it was a man, he might have been really happy with such a sight. I'm sorry for your embarassing situation, though. If I was there and saw it I would definetely have tried to tell you what was going on.

    It makes me wonder... What did you do after realizing you were totally air conditoned down there?

  7. Well, now that I saw a video to check out how bad it was, I can say you have nothing to worry about! It wasn't such a big deal, nobody could even see your panties, haha. Relax, sweetie. xD

  8. O_o to bad! But everybody love you :) dont worry

  9. Don't worry, once you are on the stage all the crowd get mesmerized by your beautifull voice. And besides who never had a wardrobe malfunction once???

  10. Some clothes should last forever, don't you think? lol
    well, i think that nobody saw anything or they would have told you, so don't worry.

    Greetings from México :)

  11. Anonymous5.9.10

    Eeep, that sounds like something that would happen to me :S my condolences, Simone.

  12. Simone, I and several other people tried several times to warn you, your fly was open from the beginning of the show. Because of your earphones you couldn't hear us. You found out in the pause before the encore.
    But it wasn't a big deal, nothing spectacular to see, it was all black and dark.

  13. Anonymous5.9.10

    Some people next to me tried to tell you, but you didn't hear :P And I noticed it somewhere in the second song, sorry :P

  14. Haha, je moet beter luisteren hoor :). Mensen op de eerste rij bleven je maar roepen, in het begin reageerde ik steeds op "mijn" naam, maar ze bedoelden jou... maar ik wist niet waarom ze riepen, ik had het niet gezien. Totdat iemand het letterlijk zei dus, maar ik vond het niet zo opvallend :P.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU_RAjNnL6U


  16. Anonymous5.9.10

    Here's a video for it! lol!


    Blank infinity!

  17. I'm imagining your face when you saw it

  18. It wasn't so bad, I saw the video and just cameras could capture that. Don't worry it won't be so bad, just a few pics without your fly :P
    Just kidding.
    Really it wasnt so bad, however poor pants :(
    Groetjes x

  19. eu queria estar na primeira fila ..
    perdi isso... =/

  20. Hi Smoontjes!
    Ik ben meisje uit België, maar omdat iedereen zou kunnen meelezen zal ik in het Engels schrijven. Dan oefen ik mijn Engels ook nog eens goed, komt goed van pas! Sorry als er foutjes in staan, mijn Engels is niet zo goed als het jouwe :-)

    So, I just watched the YouTubevid and it doesn't look so bad luckily. Although I'm sorry for your favorite leather pants. I hate it when my favorite clothes are giving it up!
    A while ago, I witnessed something like you..
    In the weekends I work in a shop. One day I was just filling up the shelves and I had to put some cans on a shelve down below. So I sat myself on a little chair to save my back. And I thought, oh my! This chair feels so cold at my bottom. And yes, you can already guess what was going on! A big piece of my pants was ripped off. Luckily I was wearing a little short beneath that and nothing to sexy ;-) But I was wondering why the customers had all that fun! And they didn't say a thing! Just enjoying the view. :-)
    But ofcourse, not the whole world was watching like in your situation ;-)

    Cool that you also started a blog! It's the first time I'm here. I guess you also know about Anettes blog from Nightwish? http://anette-olzon.blogspot.com/ I love to read it!


  21. Je moest wel heel goed kijken hoor! Het was echt niet heel schokkend.

    Vind het eerder zonde van die broek. Meh. Nieuwe kopen!