Maxi Me

by 1.6.11

Hello people,

Have you also been enjoying the lovely weather lately? I surely did. Not today, today's grim.

Here's a picture of me, wearing Ray Ban sunglasses and a maxi dress from H&M. I love maxi dresses. If you decide to go camping somewhere, you'll always have a tent with you ;)

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  1. Hello again, Simone! ;)

    You look heavenly gorgeous in that dress, as always ;) and weather here Mexico has been quite weird lately; first hot as an oven some days ago and today in the morning it felt kinda cold :S so, not very much to enjoy here, hehe..

    Have a great day, lady! ;)


  2. Anonymous1.6.11

    woow!Loved the dress!
    However, being as cute as you or me (what?) makes everything look great :)
    Let me just tell you, here, in Argentina, there weather is not so lovely to be outdoor lately, we're running towards the dark season of the year...GOD! IT'S SO COLD!
    anyways, great to read you! :D



  3. Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur (8) happy kitty little kitty pur pur :)

  4. The weather isn't too lovely here, I even got a cold. =/ But I enjoy winter,which is coming this month, so that's OK.
    Your dress is pretty, I find maxi's really beautiful, but I usually don't wear dresses that go below knee-length, it feels awkward to have a lot of cloth moving next to my feet, haha.

  5. Hello Simone!
    I'm Florencia, from Chile, I'm a fan of Epica and a fan of you.
    Love your dress and your look.

  6. wow PERFECT
    I love ur dress and glasses u look so pretty

  7. I love your maxi dress!! You are so beautiful, as usual ;)

  8. I must say it's a very beautiful tent you have there :D

  9. Weather?Not enjoying so much,since we have to wear black uniform at school,and here is already very hot...But it's nice to see someone who enjoys the sun ;)
    You're so beautiful and so sweet ^^
    I love how the dress looks on you :)
    HAve a great day darling ^^

    PS:I loved the last sentence "If you decide to go camping somewhere, you'll always have a tent with you ;)" xD It made me laugh :')

  10. Blue colors with a red hair always match together perfectly!
    You're lovely as always :)

    I love grim weather, it makes me feel so good!
    I hope you got my E-mail about your last post,
    have a great day!

  11. hahahaha grappig,alleen in mijn tent is plaats voor twee,ben weer 6 kilo kwijt...hoera!!!

  12. Yes! I love these dresses! I was so happy to find one for 20 euros instead of the usual 40- 60!

    Really great when it is super hot outside! All light and breezy ;)

  13. hello! long time no comment XD
    you look beautiful as always!

  14. ouww cool dress love ya! xxxx

  15. adorei o look... beijos do Brasil! (: