Your Questioned Answered

by 3.6.11

Hi Smoonbabies,

Here it is; the video with the answers:

Thanks for sending in your questions and have a lovely day!


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  1. I love "Secret of Nimh"! My parents never let me have my own copy of the movie because my little sister was terrified of Nicodemus and would have nightmares. I loved the book too. :)

  2. You are so lovely Simone =) thanks for the video

  3. I love your video! , I´ll see all the movies you recommended *o*

    kisses from Chile *3*

    Daniel ~♥

  4. We share the same opinion about tattoos. :)
    Your line of cosmetics sounds great, I hope one day that will really exists.

  5. Little Shop of Horrors is one of my favorites, as well.
    I love the plant! It's fantastic!

    Thanks for the video.

    P.S. I think Epica should come to Utah. To my knowledge, you have never been over here before. We would love to have you!

  6. Many really nice answers and questions there. I didn't expect you like 'The Name of the Rose' so much :) it's one of my all time favourite movies as well and I totally agree with what you said about it. I was also quite interested in the answer about the classical album; it would be great if you had some time to record it in the future.
    Greetings :)

  7. SO CUTE!! I love every answer :D

  8. hehe u are so cute thanks 4 answer my question ^^ u made my day
    The Nightmare before Christmas
    They are my favorites movies . too hehe
    u should sing the song "This is halloween" I love how you sing that song in the video jeje

    So Have a Cool Day Simone kisses
    Much Love Miriam Denisse

  9. ps: I'll be waiting for Your line of cosmetics hehe thanks 4 answer

  10. hi simone i a fan peruvian, and I realize that you really like the makeup and your favorite beauty products are MAC but what is the care of your hair and use products??
    woman to woman
    jaja kisses

  11. Hello Simone, first, let me say that you and Tarja are my favorite metal singers !! :3 I love u'!! ;)

    I want to know, what do you think about Nightwish Once album,(I Love it!) and what's your favorite song from The Phantom Agony album.

    MUAAAA!!! grettings from Panamá!! :)

  12. Aww, nice video, Simone! I made you a Jack Skellington for the London show, but I had to go home before I could meet you. :( Have a nice day :)

  13. The question with the oven made me laugh XD

    Maybe in the next vids tell us about your all time favorite albums :P

  14. Hello dear Simone!

    Thanks for answering!:-)
    You're such a lovely girl!

    I can't wait for the video about your hair color and treatment!


    Love from Brazil!

  15. Smoonbabies! I love that :) x

  16. What happened to the video?