U Must Have/See This

by 15.6.11

Hi ho,

Here's a face/nail of the day for you blog readers.

This H&M nail polish is already a year old, unfortunately. I agree with H&M which has given it the name; 'U Must Have This'. It is my favorite summer blue.

The eye pencil is from NYX, number 926 Electric Blue. I bought this at Douglas in Germany.

Smurf Greetings,

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  1. Anonymous15.6.11

    i really love that colooooououououuor! <3 have a good day Simone!

    love u! from Chile (:

  2. It is smurf blue! I love it!!

  3. I love that colour
    and I love red too, I think red it's very good for the nails too...

    greatings :D

  4. nice looking blue color

  5. I really love your eyes are beautiful and reflect the beautiful and good person you are! :D ♥

  6. Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu amazing is so perfect i love it ,,, I want one =) u always so cute

    jiji the little simone Hi¡¡¡ lol
    Have a Electric Day Dear

  7. Anonymous16.6.11

    Ohhh, my cousin, hello Simone :)

  8. Die Farbe des Nagellacks ist sehr schön (passt prima zu deiner Haarfarbe) und sowieso sind blau und türkis meine persönlichen Sommerfarben dieses Jahr. Aber irgendwie traue ich den H&M Nagellacken nicht mehr. Die, die ich ausprobiert habe, ließen sich so schwer auftragen. Mich würde mal interessieren, ob das bei dem auch so ist.

    Viele Grüße =)

  9. Blue is a beautiful collor.Like your eyes!Last night I dreamed we'd talk with You in Portuguese (my natural language).In the dream was just like you like in reality! I was impressed with her beauty and kindness!
    And his voice is beautiful and melodic in any language!By the way, how many and what languages do you speak? I know that speaks English and German... Anything else? I really like to know!

    Tip: Create a poster responding to this.It would be great!

    Kisses, Agnes Mirra (from Brazil)

  10. I usually don't wear this kind of nail polish, but I have to say that I like this sunny color. I don't know if this polish is produced in my country.

  11. Anonymous16.6.11

    Wow ! Love the blue color ! And your eyes are so beautiful !!
    I was just wondering, is it possible that you could maybe make some sort of a vocal lesson on YouTube ? Just with some tips on how to improve techniques and stuff ? :)
    Would be really cool !

  12. I LOVE that colour, had it last summer and used it for the very last drop. I tried to look for it this summer as well but couldnt find. All they had was a bit darker baby blue but it isnt so nice as this one =(
    Your eye make up is very nice, think Im gonna try the look. =)

  13. I love this blue.It's bluer blue than the nail polishes I've ever seen.Anyway.your eyes are amazing *.* I love your pictures^^

  14. Wow, you look amazing <3

  15. That's my favorite color!(love also black)
    I've never seen that "kind" of nail polishes, I mean in that color

  16. It fits your eyes:) And eye pencil. So summerlike sky:)
    I'm also a fan of blue, but more royal blue.

  17. Oh, die nagellak is mooi! Ik dacht dat ik die ook had, maar die van mij heet 'Blue My Mind' en is zo te zien wat donkerder :p. Volgende keer bij H&M eens naar deze kijken... =)

  18. So beautiful :)
    The nail-polish matches your eyes XD this baby-blue color suits you so much, in every way.
    Me want this nail-polish! [...reminds me I'm still in love with "not like the movies" nail-polish!]

  19. I love the colour :)

  20. I adore that color!!!
    I always use these color, cause it's so useful. :)