Nikon Peacock

by 20.6.11

Hi Smoonies,

Yesterday I went to a Medieval Market in Horb, Germany. We had sun and rain and lots to drink. In a nutshell; we had a great time!

Here are two pics taken with my new lens; Nikkor 50 mm

On my lips I am wearing MAC Redd lip pencil. It last much longer than a lipstick, but it does dry out the lips a bit.

Smoonie Peacock

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  1. It's always nice to see you have/had a nice time.
    And...pretty weird wuestion,but aren't you tired of being gorgeous?

  2. Anonymous20.6.11

    nice :)

  3. you are so beautiful Simone!! as usual ;) I like your lipstick

  4. Hello, Simone, :-)

    I loved your glasses and lipstick!

    I'm waiting for the video about your hair that you promised! :)
    I'm really curious to know your hair secrets! haha


    Have a nice week, dear!

  5. Medieval Market??
    I love medieval stuff! but there's no medieval markets in Ecuador...
    That's another reason for wanting to go to the old world!:)

  6. owww Nikon my dad used to hav one i still hav it is cool :)

  7. I love ur glasses and pics u are so beautiful

  8. Beautiful Pics. One question about the makeup... are you using Russian Red by Mac lipstick? The colour is amazing...

  9. oh wow! beautiful!!

    Greattings from Uruguay.

  10. Hahahaha die laatste foto :D

  11. I was in Horb as well - what I pity that I didn't know that you were there :((

  12. I thought about buying this lip pencil two weeks ago but then I bought "New York Apple" lipstick, which is amazing! I highly recommend about this one :)
    You'r beautiful as always, espacially as a peacock :P
    I'm jealout at your new lens and awesome camera, I wish I had one.
    Glad you had a great time!

  13. This is the Russian Red lipstick?

  14. Reds look great on you!:)\m/

  15. Nice pics!You're very photogenic! Seeing your photos, I realize how much you are happy and know how to enjoy life! I admire that!Here we can live a little of what you live, the way you book your day.So I like to keep track of your blog, and I have another suggestion (in the previous post I also suggested!):
    Do a video singing a song you really like (not the Epica and Kamelot, see? LOL).It would be very nice to hear your voice in other songs too! Think of my suggestions with love ... If it was not his fan, would never suggest that! I'll be anxiously waiting for my orders to attack holy Simone! Rsr!

    Red Kisses to tou...

  16. Anonymous22.6.11

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  17. Anonymous22.6.11

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  18. Anonymous22.6.11

    Hi, Smoon! I made a drawing of your photo with the peacock feather and hope you enjoy!

  19. Anonymous23.6.11

    I'm sorry, here is the link:

  20. I like your lip pencil, i'm always want to buy a red lipstick like that, but when I try to buy it always sells me a pink one or a brown one... I never find the right one jaja...
    I hope I can find that one here in Chile.


  21. Good luck with new lens. I've got the same and it works amazing with d300s, but something is wrong with autofocus on live-view mode.
    Hope I'll see some pics taken with 50mm soon haha

  22. Hey, Simone :)
    I love reading your blog, you have such a good taste [in music, make up... everything! Haha].
    I play the flute in an orchestra here and you're an inspiration for me in all the ways [musician, woman and being].
    Sincerely, I wish you the best. :)

    Xx from Brazil.

  23. Simone, I love 50mm!
    I have a Canon and my favorite lense is 50mm.
    this lens is perfect. will you take beautiful pictures with it.
    good choice
    I love you
    My favorite singer s2

    Jessica Alves
    apprentice photographer
    from Brazil

  24. You are so creative and fascinating girl! Can you send me a photo of you in bikini? :)