A Hint of Yellow

by 5.8.13

Hi Guys!
Here is a sunny look that incorporates yellow in a fun way. Yellow eyeshadow makes blue eyes sparkle and is a perfect summer color. I applied it in the inner corners of my eyes combined with gold and bronze colors. For this make up I used:

  • The inexpensive NYX pigments: Yellow Gold Pearl, Orange Pearl and Oro Pearl
  • Nails: Essense Tribal Summer 02 Inti Inka
  • Lips: Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose

Unfortunately the yellow nail polish is extremely difficult to apply. For some reason I have been experiencing this with all the yellow nail polishes in my collection. I needed three coats before it was opaque and it was a bubbly mess at the end.
Do any of you share the same experience as me?

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  1. I never did that.
    I have dark eyes,I think that yellow isn't a good color for me.
    But in you is perfect *.*
    Kiss :)

  2. Stunning as always...:)

    Natalia xo


  3. Beautiful Make-Up! It really makes your bright blue eyes shine even more!
    I have kind of brown eyes (they look more like honey, i can't describe it), so i don't think that yellow would suit me, but it looks amazing on you!
    Greetings from (almost)Lake Constance! :)

  4. I was actually thinking the same thing when I saw your nail polish, because I have the same trouble with those colors , regardless of the brand of these, tends to happen with the light colors. I try to be careful in the cuticle's part, which is where the enamel tends to accumulate.


  5. Anonymous5.8.13

    Yellow is a pigment that doesn't sit well in nail polish. They're notorious for being buggers to apply (particularly matte pastel yellows).

  6. Hello Simone! I have brown eyes so instead of using yellow I tend to do my make-up with different shades of brown and gold. I am currently using the Maybelline Eye Studio Wet Shadow "Give Me Gold" Palette.
    When it comes to nail polish I have that same problem not only when I use yellow, green or orange, but also when applying metallic colours.

    I hope you are doing well :)

  7. Very beautiful look! fresh and summery! :)
    You always look amazing!


  8. Anonymous5.8.13

    Looks stunning!

  9. http://www.pharmacy2go.gr/en/c/ceria-1-204/korres-45/4564-mano-91-bright-yellow The only yellow that works for me Simone. It's really good. For a frosty yellow I really don't know.

  10. I tried so many times to put a yellow nail polish... And I can say only that you're right


  11. I've always have had issues when applying a yellow polish. Doesn't matter the shade of yellow or the brand. The only shade and brand of yellow that I've never had an issue with is Ruby Wing Electric Firefly. Granted it is a NEON yellow with a light teal duo-chrome, but no issues.

    One little trick that I've learned with yellow polishes, to avoid all the drama. I apply a thin layer of white polish (again white polish can be the devil as well), then layer the yellow polish over. Normally one layer of yellow will do.

    1. Great tip! I never really thought about it hahah =)

  12. Cute look, I love it! As for the yellow nail polish I experienced another difficulty: my polish is one of those "one coat nail polish" so it the colour doesn't really need more coats but on the other hand the borderline between the finger and the nail does'nt look good at all. Apart from that I get really messy when it comes to polishes. So far, I couldn't solve my issue.

  13. Your eyes are always sparkling!!

  14. makeup looks spectacular and I
    love the color of your nails :)

  15. You can use a coat of white nail polish as a base to make the yellow polish application easier. It gets opaque with less coats.

  16. I use Lemon Fizz (china glaze) and it works perfectly!

  17. Simone, this look is gorgeous and you look stunning with this makeup! I like to use yellow eyeshadow too but I never know which color to match it with... This one is perfect!
    For the nailpolish, I use "yellow umbrella" by sephora but the problem is it's way too thick... I can't apply a proper thin coat so I gave up and use it on toenails ^^

  18. Hey, these eye-shadows colours really match you.

    And yes - I have one yellow nail polish and I noticed I will never have it smooth, there will always be some streaks...

  19. Beautiful Make up! I just love your eyes and those colors combine perfect HERMOSA!

    I don't have your problem with the nail polish, I always use the same brand and the same colors :P, unfortunately, I can'y use it freruenly because I study archietcture, I have to do the models and there's not nail palis anty-silicone :(

  20. I have a yellow nail-polish from Avon, it needs "only" 2 coats, not 3, but it takes an eternity to dry...:(

  21. the 'bubbly mess' is there because it's too hot. i haven't been able to paint my nails without the bubbles since the temperatures rose above 30°C, which is more than a month now here in dubrovnik:(

  22. I experience that with all my light-colored polish. I'll either do a white or peach (as in the color of skin) underneath a couple layers, or wait like 30 minutes between coats, to avoid the bubbling!

  23. Hi! ;) I have a yellow polish from Astor and it's really good! I tried many nail polishes, but this is the best! This nail polish is called Astor Fashion Studio and have so intensive colour. Maybe, you want to try? ;) I was a stylist's assistent in July and the stylist from one of the most famous magazines in Poland recommended it too ;) I think, it's not expensive (12zł in Poland, so it's sth about 3 euro).

    And if you like sexy and seductive fragrances I recommend for you new Victoria's Secret Eau de Parfum. I have Bomshell Forever and I tried iconic Victoria (the newest!). Great for summer 2013 :D I have them on my blog: www.marentora-everdream.blogspot.com so feel free and look ;)


  24. Yellow is a color that doesn't fit everybody, but looks great on you!
    The nail polish is lovely but bad nail polishes that are hard to apply are the bigget turn off's ever!
    I see you use Nyx pigments a lot lately, are they good? do you recommend about them?!

  25. Yes it always happens to each of us! But if it really turns out a big mess, you can apply a little of (don't throw up) saliva haha really and mold it as you want :P it works!
    And... Oh God, how I miss your youtube videos!!! :(

  26. Die Farbe sind mega schön Simone :)
    Danke! <33

  27. Hi Simone ! The yellow is really beautyfull!
    But I wonder where you found that beautifull necklace?
    I searched at the Asos site, but didn't find it.

    Best wishes, Caroline

  28. @Caroline, that necklace is from 'I AM', not Asos ;)

  29. Thank you Simone for such quick answer !

    xx Caroline