The Bodensee

by 8.8.13

The Bodensee is one of my favorite holiday destinations. It is only 90 minutes away from my home. It is perfect for spontaneous vacations. Whenever the weather is good, we'll head over there. This time we made a little round to Uhldingen, Unteruhldingen, Uberlingen, Schloss Salem and the Island Mainau. We did some relaxing and sightseeing. I like the balance between the two. I could never lie at the beach for weeks. Not that much of a tanning person. My oven gets overheated really quick.

We had a wonderful time! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! If you are ever in Germany during summer, make sure to check out the Bodensee. There are so many beautiful places to visit.

Unteruhldingen. Leaving for the Island Mainau.
Beautiful Island Mainau.

The only shoes that fit me...
Giant flower duckies.

My favorite flowers with a little visitor.
Grass/Mountain Skulptures. Kind of creepy.
Can you see Oliver?
Art at Schloss Salem.
Mary Poppins in action.
Back in Unteruhldingen (daytime).
Sundown in Unteruhldingen.

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  1. I see your baby bump!
    Bodensee seems like a very nice place for vacation.

  2. You're really a telanted photographer! this place seems to be so amazing and relaxting... all those sunset pics made me want to get a vacation and lay on the beach.
    You look lovely with the pregnancy dresses andof course the pregnancy itself! :)

  3. War leider noch nie dort. Sehr schöne Bilder.
    Ich bin auch eher der kulturelle Typ. Interessiere mich sehr für Geschichte. Strand ist auch toll, aber ich brauch die Abwechslung.

  4. Beautiful pics Simone! :) I'm thinking about summer holidays in Germany, so you show me a best place to go ;)) And You look so pretty!
    Hugs from Poland,
    Marentora :)

  5. Nice to hear that you had a great time there. :-)
    I visited the Bodensee (including Schloss Salem and Mainau too) once and I can recommend it too. It's the most beautiful scenery around that lake. I would love to go there again... Might be a dream for the future. ;-)
    Kisses and hugs,
    Steffi <3

  6. Such a beautiful place. I'm also not a fan of too much sun, but that just looks perfect. *love your belly* :)

  7. Du wirst eine gute Mutter sein, herzlichen Glückwunsch! Sie sind liebenswert!

  8. Beautiful sights, beautiful nature and undoubtedly beautiful Simone :) By the way, what are these flowers called? )

  9. Such beautiful places ang great photos! :)
    Despite living in Germany I never have been there, I guess. Maybe I've been there, I don't really know, but if, then I definitely cannot remember anything!

    Best wishes, Vicky

  10. Beautiful photographs...

  11. Anonymous8.8.13

    Amazing pictures, Simone! I love how you take a beauty in pictures on a wonderful place. You look so beautiful in pregnancy! I wish all the best to you and your baby,also to Oliver! These flowers are the same on the backgound of your twitter? <3

  12. *_*

    u're very beautiful but in pregnancy you're MORE beautiful =D
    Congratz mom! i can't wait to listen you singing in epica again =DD

  13. The flower duckies are the cutest things I've ever seen. This looks like such a lovely place!

  14. Anonymous8.8.13

    beautiful pictures and you look beautiful too

  15. Great shots Simone! And what a beautiful places :)

  16. OMG waht a beautiful place :) what a beautiful mom ^^, you look so tender with that beautiful belly, I know one day I'll visit all those beautful palces fom Germany :D

    love the shot.

    PD: what camera do you use?

  17. The boats and the sea remind me of my hometown (Foça, Izmir)
    very nice pics :)

  18. you look cute with your belly <3

  19. congratulations pretty pictures

  20. pretty pictures greatings!

  21. Anonymous9.8.13

    I would like to live in Germany for ever!!!! I love it!!but first I have to learn the language, so one day maybe...XDXD however beautiful photos and you look awesome!!^^

  22. Simone!! Wow! Your belly is big! Love it :) You look so pretty and cute!
    And yeah, I can see Oliver there haha!
    The only shoes that fit you haha you should have bought some! ;P

  23. I'm thinking to go there some day... but I only speak a few German words, so... :(

  24. Lovely pictures! I LOVE them! You're a great photographer! :)

    Natalia xo

  25. Your favorite flower is called lantana! At least here in Brazil... I had to ask my mom, naturally ;)
    Nice place and you look so serene and beautiful...

  26. I would like to live there.... so different from Brazil! You look so cute in the pictures, Sisi.... The Oliver's pic was really funny, I had to search for a few minutes untill find him! Hehehehe. Love ♥.

  27. Looks very nice indeed. It's great having a tranquil place nearby to escape to. I'm just a short 30 minute drive from the Scottish Highlands. Although we usually have crappy weather, looked nice & sunny on your trip though.

  28. It's really nice ; ) Love you <3

  29. I did almost the same sightseeing this last sunday 18, but i guess you did it another day, otherwise i'd had recognize you :) kisses from Munich :*

  30. I've been there once, but when I saw the first picture, I felt jealous. I gotta go back there! :)

  31. the bodensee-area is a great place to live! it is great seeing these grat taken pic from the place where i was born and raised ;-)
    greez from the north of germany and the best for your little family