Rocking Red Lips - KRYOLAN -

by 30.8.13

Kryolan send me their newest product: the Lip Stain in the color 'Rock'. After applying it it reminded me of the Velvetines from Lime Crime. Ultra matte and super long lasting. A beautiful saturated red that will look good on all skin tones.

The formula is amazing to work with. I can work well with the applicator, but you do need a little patience and a steady hand to begin with.

The Lip Stain is glossy to begin with but it dries matte. Unfortunately the color does come off and leaves a stain as well. Pretty pigmented stuff. Use it with caution ;)

At Magi Mania you can find a review of the Lip Stain, in German.

  • Necklace is from Asos
  • Jacket from River Island
  • Dress from H&M

Red Rock Kisses,

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  1. Yeah, it looks a little bit matt, but the result depends of outfit ;) Sometimes you need a matt lipstick, sometimes glossy, but I prefer more glossy :) But this red colour looks great on your lips and nice with your hair colour ;)

    Marentora :)

  2. OMG I love red lipsticks, the one I had was form cyzone but it used to dry my lips :(, Right now I'm using one from Nivea and it works well,it is very moisturizing,but is doesn't have color, only shines :P (you look beautiful ^^ BELLA)

    PD: Is it posible to find Kryolan product in Colombia?

  3. Red lips are so gorgeous on you! And I really adore your eye-look!

  4. I was searching for the perfect red lips.... I think I found it right now! You look stunning as always! <3

  5. That's a fiery color! I like it! Lip products with such applicators are the best. Works very precise and the result is lovely in the end. x

  6. Hi,

    Pregnancy made ​​you more beautiful! :)

  7. Anonymous30.8.13

    I really love red lipstick! Is great! And I love the color on you! And Simone,you looks great.

  8. Sisi you look even cuter day by day!!! :) I can see the peace and love through your skin and eyes <3