FOTD - Pink Eye -

by 22.9.13

You are probably thinking, who would want to wear pink eyeshadow? I have been wearing pink eyeshadow since the beginning days of EPICA, onstage and in private. It really makes my blue eyes pop. The trick is to make sure that you have to conceal any redness in your face. The right concealer is key. Another tip is to line your waterline with a skin colored pencil.

I like to wear pink eyeshadows in the crease, combined with a lighter eyeshadow and a flicked eyeliner.  The black of the eyeliner also creates a barrier that prevents your eyes from looking like you've cried or had an allergic reaction. 

Pink eyeshadow is fun and makes blue and green eyes pop out in the good sense. A little tip: If you don't own any pink eyeshadow you can also use a pink blush of your choice.

Products used for this look:
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51 and 52
  • Urban Decay Naked Virgin (inner corner highlight) Sin (on the lid)
  • MAC Supercontinental as blush and crease color
  • Black eyeliner
  • Diorama 066 lipstick
  • Maybelline Falsies mascara 
  • Catrice 010 eyebrow pencil
  • Manhattan clearface powder 77 Natural

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  1. i love it, because it looks simple and natural

    Regards from Venezuela Simone, god bless u :)

  2. Really beautiful, Simone! :)

  3. Nice look :) I really love it <3

  4. Anonymous22.9.13

    Oh gosh! I never thought pink eyeshadow would look that good! It's not too strong tho. Very good job!
    Hugs from Finland :3

  5. Hmm, I know other great make-up with pink eyeshadow.
    I usually use first light-brown eyeshadow and then apply dark-pink one in external part of eyelid.
    It looks gently and sexy in one : )

  6. That's a really pretty shade :) I have brown eyes but I'm going to try this out as well. <3

  7. Pretty shade, you look fantastic :3

  8. Pink in my favotie color in general, and my favorite color to do my make-up with. I use it almost everyday and just love it! I think that pink is better for brown-eyed people, because unlike bright-eyed people that almost every color can make their eyes pop out easily, a bright color like pink is great for making dark eyes pop out.
    The look you did is absolutely stunning! with my favorite shades of pink, that really flatter a bright skin. I probably will purchase this blush soon, I really fell in love with it :)

  9. This looks very nice. I have green eyes, so I'll be trying this out. :-)

  10. Wow!!! This is solid but fantastic...I love it! :)
    And you're so beautyful...

  11. Besides the nice makeup your hair looks sooo smoooth! Though it´s done with some curling-iron or -wand???! Looks really healthy and fresh :) Do you still use the products you showed us in an earlier post (I think it was a post, or maybe in one of you YT videos)?

  12. How do you care about your hair? It's so beautiful *.*

  13. Nice Simone! I think what you can make a tutorial about your make up on Epica's Tours or videos, will be interesting, I think.

    Greetings :)

  14. Green eyes...Let's try it! :D Once I even tried to simply outline the eyes witk a soft and dark violet pencil and then aplly a very shimmering pink eyeshadow on it...The makeup really was not so bad, it's easy and makes green eyes pop out!! ;)

  15. LOVE THIS LOOK! <3 Your hair looks so smooth and healthy! Really healthy! :) Very nice, Smoon! I will definitely try this out! Baby Update please? :(

  16. Wow, this is beautful! Like a young, innocent damsel of ancient days :-)

    I surely will try this style on my green eyes, too, using your tips!