Mexican Flavors

by 21.9.13

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite Mexican appetizers. Every time I am in Mexico, I eat 'Pico de Gallo Salsa' until I drop. They often offer it as a free starter in many restaurants. It is absolutely delicious! I decided to bring Mexico to Germany and have my own little feast. It is super easy to make and super healthy.

This recipe is not my own, but taken from Laura in the Kitchen. She has some amazing cooking videos and is fun to watch.

I also baked her tortilla chips with my own seasoning mixture existing out of black pepper, pul biber, black pepper, Alnatura fruity salt mixture and some garlic powder. 

I tell you, this was gone in 3 minutes. It's absolute soul food that made our day.

Go ahead and try a bite. You won't regret it!

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  1. woow I'm gonna try this tomorrow *-*

  2. I have recently eaten pancakes with minced meat and buckwheat. It was delicious!

    And I love mexican food. What I liked the most are mexican pancakes with bean, corn, minced meat and spicies. But it's quite caloric food.

    Try recipes from this blog:
    I tried chicken with honey and it was really good.

  3. Wow! It is great that you like mexican food! What can I say? If I am Mexican! :)
    I know "pico de gallo" is delicious! I will give you a tip: you can also add some avocado to the pico de gallo and it will taste more delicious! you should try it! yummy! I am hungry now!!
    Hugs and Kisses from Mexico!

  4. Look tasty :3

    Thanks for sharing us the recipe Simone :)

  5. Thanx for the advice. Didn't know about Laura,and I am already liking her - watching a bunch of videos of easy and quick recipes.


  6. You're so right Simone, la salsa pico de gallo is amazing! My mom sometimes cooks it with a piece of meat and frijoles, so delicious!

  7. I'm agree with Brianda. You can add some avocado and it will result moooore tasty!! Thanks for sharing our culture, "Pico de Gallo" Salsa is the law xD.

    Regards from Mexico!

  8. I never ate that ahah :)

  9. Laura in the Kitchen is also the place I learn my stuff from on Youtube. I love her. :)

  10. Now You only need "Tacos" hahaha

    Regards from Venezuela <3

  11. Anonymous23.9.13

    Oh my god this is my favorite!!! I tried this dish for the first time in a mexican restaurant and I fell in love...definatly one omf my favorites dishes...

  12. I support the motion: avocado makes this dish/appetizer delicious!

  13. If you make me this I'll return the favour. I'll make you my famous haggis omelette, it's like an orgasm on the tongue. it's such a joy to manipulate flavours in a way that they provide pleasure you thought was unimaginable. Flavours so divine that you feel guilty for consuming them, but a wave of euphoria washes over the tongue & you realise that your tongue has been deprived of the sensual pleasure of the famous "Paton's haggis omelette"

    Have a nice day Simone.

  14. yaay Mexico! haha I love that :) it is very tasty but there are better things to try in Mexico! I loved your salsa! Looks so yummy, Sisi!!

  15. Great appetizer here!! Mexican food is really good... Spicy and hot :)

  16. wow I'm so glad that you shared this in your blog ... I agree with you that food made my day too (:
    Greetings from Mexico ... Miriam D...

  17. hello Simone, " thank you very much " for this recipe because it's very excellent ! i d'ont know the mexican flavor and i think it's very good ! :)