Beauty Bin #3

by 1.9.13

It's time for another 'Beauty Bin'! I have been collecting some empty bottles for you to review. It feels a bit weird to collect 'garbage', but it shows a nice overview of what products that I have been using and I hope that I can provide some of you with useful information. In this BB I have only favorites, which means that they all will be repurchased at some time.

Balea Ultra Sensitive Cleansing Milk 200 ML 
This is my morning routine. I take a euro sized amount in my hand and wash my face with cold water. A nice way to wake up! Also can be found in BB #2.

MAC Brush Cleanser 235 ML
A staple in my kit. I do use little travel sized spray bottles to not spill too much of the product. The cap often releases too much liquid and that can get messy. For a quick cleanse this is a great product. 
When you want to deep clean your make up brushes, you can use baby shampoo or special brush cleansing soap.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment 150 ML
One of my favorite hair masks. If you don't like silicones, this might not be something for you. I find that it did wonders for my hair. It kept it soft and smooth. It is however, a very pricy hair mask. 
If you want something similar for less money, get the Macadamia Oil Conditioner from Organix. You get double the product for a 4th of the price.

Eubos Sensitive Hand Creme 75 ML
Has and always will be my absolute favorite hand cream. A loyal companion for my hands since many years. 

De Tuinen Aloe Vera Hydrating Body Milk 250 ML
This is my second favorite body lotion/milk. De Tuinen is a Dutch brand and can only be found in the Netherlands, if I am not mistaken. This is such a nice, cooling body lotion. Perfect for the summer. It leaves the skin really soft and hydrated and has a very subtle scent. The second bottle is already in use. 

Cien (Lidl) Creme Shower Gel 300 ML
The home brand from the german supermarket Lidl. Absolutely amazing! Great scent and very moisturizing and super affordable!

Dove Go Fresh Granate Apple and Lemongrass mini deo spray 35 ML
Love the scent, but my whole bag smells like it now. Got to try it twice before it emptied in my bag and all my Fishermen's Friends tasted like Dove. It does smell better than it tastes. ;)

Maybelline Jade Water Proof Eye Make Up remover 125 ML
It did take care of my waterproof mascara without burning my eyes! Second bottle is already in use.

Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner 30 ML
A great companion during summer. I used this as a skin moisteriser and primer in one. My foundation stayed in place and I didn't get super oily during the hot hours during the day. The scent is very fresh. I liked it. Second bottle already in use as well.

Sensodyne Toothepast 75 ML
Also featured in BB #2. My current favorite tooth paste!

Kryolan Eye Cream 15 ML
A very rich eye cream that is easy to apply. You don't have to drag on your eye. A little goes a long way. My eyes didn't get an allergic reaction, it didn't leave a burning sensation. For day time I find it a bit too rich. My waterproof mascara did resolve a bit during the day. I used it as a night. Love the packaging, it's very sturdy. For traveling I recommend you to take a little plastic container instead of the original bottle. 

This was Beauty Bin #3. Thank you all for your waterproof make up remover recommendations!
I did use some olive oil from Sicily to remove my mascara with. It worked well, but I still prefer to cook with it. ;)

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  1. You seem to know alot about cosmetics. Can you give any advice for teeth grinding? Are there any products you know of that can lessen or reverse enamel erosion caused by grinding?

  2. I use the same deodorant!

    Natalia xo

  3. You like Fisherman's Friends? haha great!!! It is good to know all your favorite body-care stuff!! :) Is Kryolan still giving you products even though you are not touring at the moment? :)

  4. Anonymous2.9.13

    a friend of mine gift me a cien facialcleanser with microgranules and we both agree on the good quality of this product....the dove deodorant it's awesome I love the scent...XDXD