007 L'Oreal Indefectible Matt Lip Powder

by 23.2.16

A powder for the lips? I had to see and try this for myself. In my lipstick collection you can find all different finishes and formulas, but so far, no powder.

Since I am having a 'James Bond' obsession, I thought I'd show you '007 Say my Name'. A ravishing red.

The innovative sponge is fun to use, however not that easy. To color the whole lips you need to dip into the cap at least two times to get the right amount of product. You can create several different looks with these Lip Powders that come in a total of 4 colors.

Before applying these, I would suggest that you exfoliate gently and moisturize your lips. It does emphasize dry patches.

Overall, I love the stained effect that it gives to the lips. It is quite long lasting, but when you eat something greasy, the color will come off.

These retail for €13. What do you think of the idea of a powder on the lips?

Ombre effect.
Here you can see the color on the cap.


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