Chit Chat #11 Behind the Stage

by 19.2.16

Our North American Tour has come to an end, and it was a very intense one. At least for me.

I have enjoyed the tour so very much. We had awesome bands with us on the first leg: Moonspell and Starkill. After NA, we joined the 70000tons of Metal Cruise. I got to sing and hang out with Cristina, watch other bands kick ass, have the breeze of the sea in my hair, and the sun shining on my face.

During the whole tour I have been struggling with my in-ear that broke in all sorts of ways. The custom-made in-ears have a 'loose' wire so that it can be replaced in case necessary. My wire kept coming off, pulling down the right side. You might imagine that while banging your head that is a tad bit uncomfortable. My left side speaker blew up, so I had to switch it off. Then, out of no where, it disappeared. Even though there is no sound coming out, I still like to wear it for protection from the stage sounds. It ended up in one of my grocery bags. Lucky me! Shortly after, it dropped on the tiles from the bus and the plastic cracked. Our awesome crew got some super glue and fixed it. It is currently in repair. I hope that I can rock with it during our upcoming tour. Makes performing much more comfortable. ;)

Puerto Rico was such a treat to play! The audience went nuts. Singing along to all the songs and just being so kind to us. We can't wait to be back!
Colombia has been another warm welcome. We had some time to recover from all the traveling and went to an amazing restaurant called 'Wok'. I liked it so much that I wanted it for dinner the day of the show. Unfortunately for me, my stomach was not agreeing with my dinner. During the show, my belly was bloating up like being 9 months pregnant. It hurt so much and I wanted to enjoy the show so much more, but I was already really sick. After that, I had a night from hell. Food poisoning has happened to me before once, and it is simply sucks! This time it was paired with a racing heart. I was really frightened that something was wrong. So, no sleep for me and then 32 hours of traveling. 

No matter how horrible my ending of the tour was (I still have stomach cramps), it was all worth it! I won't let it spoil the beautiful memories that I have gathered over the last few weeks. I will just be holding off the sushi for a while. ;)

I would like to thank all the bands, fans, crew, and Epicans for making it a memorable tour!

Striking images of the Epicans, gifted by sweet Colombian fans.


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