Hearts All Around

by 14.2.16

Today is the 14th of February, which according to the shops and consumerism, means Valentine's Day. I will reveal to you that I do not value that day more than any other day. I show my love and affection on any given moment and am not that great of a romantic either.

However, I did get Oliver something because we normally never really do anything for Valentine's Day. We both don't care much about it. It is nicer to get a gift for someone when they don't expect it. This time, I decided to do the unconventional timing on V Day.

A while back I got the Mosaic photo album app on my phone and started playing around with it. My first order was for the grandparents. Pictures of babies are always a huge success. I loved it so much that I wanted to make one for Oliver. We have received photo books from our friends in the past and they are so dear to us. With all the digital photos, that tend to get lost on the computer and endless external hard drives, it is nice to have the old fashioned print in the palm of your hands.

Mosaic makes it all very easy. It all goes via your phone. You pick 20 of your favorite pictures and they make a mosaic cover out of it. You can shuffle it a couple of times to your liking. Then you have 20 pages of pictures. I advise you to edit the pictures so that they are squared shaped. Like this you will have the whole page filled with your favorite moments. Another little tip of what I did was that I imported the more professional pictures on my phone. That way you can have the best quality.

The Mosaic Photo Book costs €20 and the shipping €5. It comes wrapped in a beautiful cardboard case. No need to put gift wrapping anymore. Great for the ones that are not that talented in wrapping gifts ;)

Enjoy and appreciate your loved ones in your own way and do not feel pressured to buy presents. The most precious gift is your time.

Although, a photo book never hurt anybody. ;) Oliver was very happy that I made one for him. He said that must have taken a long time.... I replied, "No, dear. Not at all."

Lipstick is Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Persimmon.

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