Got a Question?

by 1.6.11

Hello Smoonbabies,

Ever wanted to ask me a question?

Send your question to smoonstyle and I will collect 15/20 of the most unique questions and make a video about it.

Looking forward to reading your questions!

I'm going to make a video one of these upcoming days once I've collected enough questions.

Have a lovely evening,

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  1. You're always mentioning movies on twitter, so I'm wondering what your top five favorite movies are.

  2. Hi Simone! my question is: Did you like the show in Uruguay, was what you expected? There will soon return? I LOVE YOU♥ Eugenia Pirez from Uruguay.

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  5. Hola Simone mi nombre es Facundo Torres, soy de Argentina.Me encantaria saber cual fue el mejor show (en tu opinion) que ah dado Epica y en que pais... Simone graciaspor todo! No alcanzan las palabras para describir lo que siento por vos! Un beso desde Argentina.

  6. Hello Simon, I'm your big fan Italian. First, I want you my compliments. You are unique.
    My question though it may be stupid, for me it is not.
    In 2004, my favorite guitarist, Dimebag Darrell, died during a concert and since then I have not ever recover.
    This year, however, Roy has left Kamelot, and this thing has destroyed.
    What advice could you give me to go on, to react in some way?
    Sorry for my poor English.
    Thanks in advance.
    I love you.

  7. Have you changed your vision about the heavy metal scene since you became a part of Epica? I mean, when you were on stage at the beginning of the band, your attitude was completely different than it is today. Have you noticed something changing, or it is just something that happens naturally? Do you still enjoy being there or wish you were doing something else, like being a make up guru or something that may fit your dreams better? Greeting from Brazil, we love you so much!

  8. What’s the point of life
    And what’s the meaning if we all die in the end?
    Does it make sense to learn or do we forget everything? So...whats the answer?

  9. Hi Simone!Are you optimist,pessimist or realist?Hugs from Poland!

  10. Hi Simone! my question is: Did you like the show in Uruguay, was what you expected? There will soon return? I love you!♥ Eugenia Pirez from Uruguay

  11. best fan gift ever?

    honestly i only wanna sau hi Simone

    Regards from Mèxico

  12. I love the idea :D
    My question is: how was your adolescence? I mean...bands you used to hear, the boyfriends, the relationship with your parents.
    That's it!
    Greetings from Brasil. xoxo :*

  13. Hello Simone. I would like to know what you do for hair treatment. Which products you use.

  14. Hi Simone! my question is: always have a lot of concerts, live on tour on tour! spend traveling, as you do to keep pace and not be tired? Eugenia Pirez from Uruguay

  15. Anonymous1.6.11

    If you could not be in Epica, what career would you choose and why?

  16. Hi Simone, I want to know about your music inspiration, since you started to hear it to now.
    Tell us ^^

  17. Have you met Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden?

  18. Hi pretty Smoon girl! :D
    I'm a fan from Brazil and I want to know if you want to have a family, I mean, a husband, babies and all those things...

    I hope you understand my poor english, haha

    no matter what happens, don't forget to have fun
    Love you metal princess ♥


  19. Hello, Simone!
    Have you always been redhead? I mean, were you born with this beautiful hair?
    Thank you!

  20. Simone, when you're up to compose a song and write some lyrics, do you have to be passing through a moment in your life to get inspiration or do you think about a "theme" and write about it? Or it can be both? Love you, Renan.

  21. What does it meam for you the perfect happiness? - Yannick Patrick from Perú

  22. What do you find yourself daydreaming about most often?

  23. What would you be if you weren't a singer?

  24. Hey Simone
    I went to your show in Kentucky last November. (sorry you had to play in such a crappy venues) my question is... Could you please tell the tour people to give you guys a big orchestra as you travel accross America? Cause you guys deserve it! You're music is so freaking amazing! Plus you're gorgeous which brings in the crowds...(along with your amazing voice) :)

  25. how do you feel being an important person to many people in around the world?

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  27. what do you define as the simone simmons style?
    Have there any reference,artist,influences,or anything else than your personality?

  28. when you come to my country ,the indonesia trully asia ? i waiting

  29. Hi Sisi!:) Well, I want to know: have you ever looked up to your life and thought about giving up on everything, this one moment when you just said 'I cant make it'? If there were, what made you think like that? And of course, what made you give up on giving up?

  30. What is your earliest memory of your childhood? And what you miss most of being a child?

  31. Hi Simone :) What inspires you the most in your style? Is there any clothing or make up style you never ever wouldn't wear?

  32. Hi Simone, my question is, Currently you if considers better that Tarja Turunen??
    I want to see you again on Brazil, I love you.
    Kisses .
    by: Diogo Vieira.

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  34. Are a stupid question but i have to ask :~
    You really watch The L Word?

    By:Simone from Brazil

  35. Hello Simone!

    Since you've created this blog the fans could see another side of you. When you had the idea for the blog, and how the fans received this other side of you?

  36. What is the best way for a fan to go and just talk with you? I mean, there are some crazy people out there and sometimes we, as fans, dont know what to do when we saw someone we like. Sometimes we went crazy and OH MY GOD, IS THAT SIMONE SIMONS? *jump for a hug* I'm sure that happens with you all the time! First time I saw you I didn't know what to do and I was a little bit in chock but this year I had the chance to talk again with you and you were so nice and lovely ( thanks for that). Just give us the tips!

  37. Hi Simone!I wonder when the band Epica will return to Brazil, because I really want to go to the show and if there will be more cities included in the tour because I live far from major cities here.Kisses form Brazil!

  38. My question: if you could go on a tour including only the 7 cities where you had the best experiences (live and offstage), what would the cities be?
    Greetings from Brazil,
    Carol Puppina.

  39. Hello, Simone! First of all, I would like to compliment on your wonderful voice and on the well arranged sound of Epica. Secondly, my question is: when are you coming to Brazil??? But for you to make a video based upon something better, the reall question is: what's the sense of life in your opinion? My point is, what are we supposed, meant, bound to do or destined for when we are born on this marvellous Earth, but rife with all kind of troubles at the same time? You rock! I would love to meet you when I move from Brazil to Europe!

  40. I'd like to know if your parents have interfered in your vocalist life when you were starting with the music groups thing.

    Best wishes from a spanish "singer" =)

  41. Hi Simone (:
    My question is: What do you do when you are sad?

  42. Marry me? :)

    My question is if you most like to sing the original or acoustic versions of songs from Epica. Because there are many videos on youtube with just you singing with keybord.


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  45. You are the only female member in Epica. How can you stand being around the guys for so long when you're out on tour?! We all know you like to shop and all that so what do you do when you need a break from the manliness? Hehe.

  46. Hi Simone,how were you in your highschool?Did you like school,did you had a good results,are you good in math,chemistry?Hugs x!

  47. I have a Question! (Can i write it here?) Haha anyway.

    I was just wondering about if you usually do some workout to be healthy, I would love to know about that, I need some inspiration to get fit =D.

    Regards from México!

  48. Hello, Simone!

    What product do you use to colour your hair?

    It's a big curiosity of many fans!
    I will understand if you prefer not to tell...
    But it would be awesome if you do!

    We have a community on orkut to discuss the colour of your hair! haha :-)

    Love you!



  50. Hi Simone! Doing fine?
    Well, the question(s) is(are): Have you ever imagined to making that great success and traveling around being a rockstar and loved by fans around the world? What was your first reaction to the fame? Did it change with time?


  51. Have you ever done small shows with obscure artists, or guest work on obscure albums?

  52. since what age you are interested in the world of cosmetics?
    you like have your own line of cosmetics ????
    well Have a nice Day simone Kisses
    Miriam Denisse

  53. Hi Simone, is it true that Amanda Somerville was your vocal teacher?

  54. Hello Simone!
    My questions are: how can you have hair so beautiful and cared for? What kind of color you use to dye it? I'd like to tell us that their product uses and how. I also wish I cared for and beautiful hair like yours! Help me! kisses, you're beautiful and talented!

  55. I know it is a boring question,but how do you keep your hair look so healthy even you die it? I am looking forward for your answer in some of your blogs. Greetings from Bosnia :o)

  56. Hello, dear Simone!
    Yes, I would like to ask you this:

    If you had to go to a desert island (for whatever reason) and you could only bring one album with you (and, of course, something to play it with, haha!), which album would it be and why? :D
    (It doesn't matter if it's an album by Epica or someone else).

    I'm just curious about that...

    I send you positive energy from Mexico! ^^
    Keep on rockin' ! ;)


  57. Hy Simone,it is a fool question but, i love when you write musics with words in latin. So, i´d like to know, where did you learned latin?

  58. Hi Simone! I'm from mexico, you was awesome with Kamelot, my question is, if you were not a singer, what would you do?

  59. Hi Simone, I'm Martina... i wanted to know some things about your voice and your musical studies.
    At first, what is your "vocal register"( I think soprano, but I'm not sure about the tipe..)
    Second, which are your favourit authors (I mean Puccini, Verdi, Mozart, Rossini...etc) and your favourit "arias"..
    I hope you'll choose my questions ;P
    Anyway, thanks, hope to can enjoiy Epica or SOS as soon as possible :)

  60. Simone, how can discribe the 70,000 of metal cruise, did you liked it? it sure is an unique experience! do you plan to go to the next one with the guys?

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  62. hallo Simone! I'm Tolga. I'm your big fan. My question is will you come in Turkey next year again? please say yess!!

    Love You!!!

  63. Hi Simone! We all know that Epica travels a lot and tour almost everywhere, so, If you could chose a place to record a DVD and did Epica's biggest show, what place would you like to perform? :B

  64. Hi sweet Simone, I just like to know something, did you liked the tea? which was your favorite flavor? (from that box and in general? and did Oliver liked the coffee? Greetings from Mexico.

  65. Anonymous1.6.11

    hi simone, you are so lovely and we all love you, my question is about your hair. what products you use for your hair treatment and colour?? because red colour is so hard to maintain and its also soo damaging..i am always wondering if it is about the german products... i hope you would like to answer my question ?? =)) love from Turkey<3

  66. Anonymous1.6.11

    Hy dear Simone, i'm a begginer singer, can you tell us how you started to sing? it was diffcult? and this way,how you started singing in a band?
    Basically i want your advices for a begginer singer :)

    Thats all!!

    greetings from Chile!!

  67. You are famous, younger and a too many fans loves you for your beauty. Do you feel as a Diva, do you think is important looks well or be handsome for to be popular. Whats the real clue for to be famous.

  68. You travel a lot all the year. How do you feel, boring, tired, excited, What your family think, is difficult for all of you.

  69. What are the biggest challenges of being a female singer in the "male dominated" field of heavy metal? Do you feel you have to prove yourself more or are you treated equally? I'm a female metal singer as well and was curious of your insights. -Chelsea

  70. Hello my favourite singer *u*

    I have some questions for you ..

    -What is your greatest hobby apart from singing?
    I mean , things that you enjoy

    -I know that you like chocolate, but what is your favorite? do you have.. one for special?


    - What has been your best experience on stage?,any that you remember

    ♥ kisses from Chile!!! :)


  71. Hi Simone! my question is: always have a lot of concerts, live on tour on tour! spend traveling, as you do to keep pace and not be tired? Eugenia Pirez from Uruguay. I LOVE YOU!♥

  72. Hi Simone! my question is: Did you like the show in Uruguay, was what you expected? There will soon return? I LOVE YOU♥ Eugenia Pirez from Uruguay.

  73. Are you -feel- complete as person?

    There is something that you really want and you
    never/once/almost have it?

    Is there something or someone who turn you into the music? (person or influence)

    When you are in stress or depression what is that thing, that can calms you down or turns your mood to happiness?

    Thank you in advance...

    Cheers from Greece

  74. How do you manage to style yourself during tours? stuff like make-up, hair do and clothing must be extremely hard. I guess you do an excellent work cause you always look gorgeous.

  75. what is your favorite song? what is your favorite song to perform? what is your favorite movie? you are awesome.

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. I have 2 questions for you:

    What is your opinion about the Laura Macri's voice?

    Would you like to sing a song in Spanish? like "La Camisa Negra" xD

  78. Hi,Simy, my question is
    your boyfriend dont get jealous because you get too close to mark in the epica's shows? :P

  79. some people say that you care more about fashion than to continue in singing lessons, that's true?, you're still with singing lessons, right?

  80. Anonymous2.6.11

    hi simone!! :D
    you're my favorite singer and my idol <3 greetings!

    which is the most unusual gift you have given fans??...excuse my English is not very good

  81. Hi Simone, I'd always wanted to ask you so many things because I love everything you do, but well, this time I'm going to ask you 2 things:

    Have you ever thought about being a model? :)

    and What type of camera do you use? because all the pictures you take look very nice, I know you like photography so I would like to know your thoughts about it :)

    Thank you Simone!
    Kisses&Hugs from Monterrey, Mexico


  82. hi simone, im your indonesian fans. Have you ever think to make a show here in indonesia ? We've been waiting for a longtime to watch epica live.

  83. I love the subname smoonbabies it's so cool jeje

  84. I think people have many questions for you, it will be difficult to choose hehe

    Good Luck Simo

  85. Hi Simo ! i'm Edgardo from Honduras, my question is, how could be you so pretty?, :S just kidding, that's not a question, is a fact !
    actually i wanted to know how you looked when you were just a little girl, maybe you can share a few photos and tell us something about it. Thanks Simo, love u !

  86. hello Simone hugs from Chile! I would like to ask 2 questions:
    1.¿at what age would you like to become a mom and how many kids do you want to have? (just in case you wan to ajja)

    2. If you could choose only one country of america to live in, what country would it be and why? =)

  87. Anonymous2.6.11

    hello Simone !!!

    1. So wich is you're favorite perfume??
    2. did you used to have a job before Epica??
    3. what products do you use for you're hair?? i just love it !! :D

  88. Anonymous2.6.11

    I've got another question :P

    How do you describe you're style? n_n

    my name is Amy Luna from Mexico City

  89. Hi Simone!,I'm Mercedes and this is the very first time that I'm writing to you,I'm from Argentina and I totally love Epica and absolutely love your style!
    I have a few questions:
    1. how do you feel giving concerts in southamerica?
    2.How was the very first time that you realized that you wanted to sing in a metal band and how was your talk with the members of Epica for sing in the band?

    Greetings from Argentina! :)

  90. Hey Simone,
    I need your help:
    I'm a really shy guy and I wanted to ask you to give me some tips on approaching women
    thanks for your videos and posts

  91. Hi Simone!
    You always know how to be beautiful :) so please tell us something about your hair treatment! Which products you use, that your hair is so shiny, and healthy?
    Thank you!
    Kisses from Hungary :)

  92. Hey Simone :) I see that many people already asked the questions I wanted to ask :) But anyway:

    1. What would be your job occupation if you were not singer in Epica or any other band?

    2. What is your favorite perfume?

    3. Have you always been a redhead or you changed your hair color?

    4. Tell us about your hair treatment- what do you use on hair?

    5. What is the most beautiful place on the Earth you have ever been?

    6. If you could act in any movie which one would it be? Or If you had an opportunity which genre would you choose?

    7. Name 3 things you will take with you on an lonely island ( Family and Oliver are already there ;-)

    Hope it isn't too much question and some of them will be answered. I'm very curious :-P

    Hugs and kisses from Slovakia :)


  93. Hey Simone! I was just wondering.. What was your parents' reaction when they founded out you were going to sing in a metal band? Not everybody agrees with this genre

  94. Hi Simone!! There's something I would like to ask you because I think that your answer could help me a lot. Here is my question: How is it like to be the only girl in the band?? I'm a bassist, and I play quite well because I practice a lot, but I tried to join four different bands and they all said '' We're sorry, you're a wonderful and talented musician but we're all boys and having a female bassist would be umconfortable''. The worst thing about it is that all the bands I tried to join have chosen bassists who play much worse than me, just for being boys. I have proved my talent but they don't care about it. Who said that there's no sexism in metal world?

    I really hope you can help me. Tank you so much for reading my question!!! Hugs and kisses from a little, sunny town in the south-east of Spain :)

  95. Anonymous2.6.11

    Hi Simone :) I wanted to ask you after the concert in Bratislava, but I somehow forgot :D
    I love you hair, it´s so bueatiful, and I´m curious, do you colour it? If yes what colour do you use??


    P.S. i hope this question wasn´t posted before.

  96. Hello =)
    These questions might sound silly but I think they're interesting:) :
    - Do you speak English or German to Oliver?
    - Do you know Astrid van der Veen? That made me curious because she sang with After Forever and I think you've known Mark at the time.
    - If you watched Eurovision this year, which country was your favourite?
    - What's your father's favourite Epica song? (We already know that your mother loves Trois Vierges. ;))
    I'm looking forward to your video. =)

  97. Do you still like what you are doing singing in a band or do you also want to do something else? I hope not because I love epica after every show I went I always feel so happy your music make me happy! :-) happy fan from holland

  98. Anonymous2.6.11

    Hi, Simon!
    I'm your big fan from Russia. My questions are: Are you as bright and healthy hair, what hair color do you use?
    You have such a busy touring schedule and the obvious later almost no time to rest. You are very tired of this?
    I love you and metal-band Epica ))

  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. Hey Simone,
    Ive always wanted to know what was high school like for you?
    Thanks for reading and rock on! xx

  101. Anonymous3.6.11

    How difficult is to go on tour? Miss the family, miss friends... You have got other life now. And I imagine that it's so difficult.

  102. Hi Simone, I have three questions for you ...

    How would you describe your personality?

    How would you describe your relationship with your fans?

    How is your practice of vocal technique? how long? , how hard is it for you? ... You like it?

    Have a nice day.
    I love you

  103. hie, my name es enrique :) from Chile, my question is do you think about religion? that kind of god think?


  104. Hi simone, my name is Enrique from Chile, My question is about your religion, believe in a god? , the songs of Epica has an alternative vision, and wanted to know about yours :D

    thanks :D

  105. Hi Simone,my name is Francisca and my question is, what do you do to be so beautiful, you take care with food?, gym?, tell us your beauty secrets for all women who will follow.
    I have seen in your blog that you recommend certain products or showing certain types of makeup and things that are of interest to women, my other question is, what you do for the hair frizz?
    ask not your voice, because as you're a singer, I think that you always ask about it (I can be wrong) wanted to know things you do not comment ever.
    greetings from Chile :-)
    (excuse my English, I tried to write with translator, and I hope you understand me)

  106. Hi Simone,

    you're so gorgeous! And you seem to be such a nice Person :-) I really love your style!

    I'd love to know what you do to keep your haircolor so bright and vivid. And I'd also like to know if and what kind of vocal practice routine you have.

    Thank you so much

  107. What's your beauty secret and which colours do you like the most on you? ;-) liebe Grüße aus Deutschland ^^

  108. Hi Lady Simons.
    I've got a question for you:
    I did see that you will take part in Mark J's new band MaYaN along with Floor J. and a lot of other great artists.
    My question is....Will this be the end of EPICA as we know it, or do you guys have the strength to keep both bands alive?

    Anyway, thanks for your voice!


  109. Hai Simone,

    ik heb 2 vraagjes:

    - Krijg je wel eens commentaar van je muzikale collega's op je blog? Ik zelf wel, ze vinden het maar raar at ik een beatyblog heb en "reclame" maak...

    - Wat doe jij bij keelontsteking / verkoudheid etc? Hoe krijg jij je stem het snelst weer terug?


  110. Anonymous6.6.11

    Hi Simone,

    You seem very athletic and I've read here that you workout a lot. So I'd like to know how many chinups and pushups you can do in a row.



  111. Hi Simone :)
    We all know you sang with Kamelot, Sons Of Seasons, MaYaN, Xystus, Primal Fear and Ayreon.
    But I'd like to know, out of the metal and rock scene, with whom would you like to duet (both male and female singers!)

    Luca (Your biggest italian fan :D)

  112. Hello, Simone. I am a big fan of yours! I was a curiosity to know what your up against horoscope. Do not know if I believe in these things, but it's something pounding in my head. Incidentally, I'm the same sign you. I love knowing that I do not know, I can say that cheered me up in my study of music. Hahahahahah. Sounds silly, but ah ... I do not know much else to say. Incidentally, I have a thousand things to say, but do not want to fill your time with it too. That's it. Success! You're amazing!

  113. you sing in a metal band but you don't look like a metalhead bad girl, so why did you become a metal singer, and what other kind of music do you listen? and another thing, you're make up it's always fantastic you should do make up artist, so why don't you do some make up tutorials for us fans,shure if you have time and enough energies..XDXD that's all...i hope you can answer me...thanx^^