Blue, green and everything in between

by 11.5.15

Move over yellow, I have found a new favorite color. Yellow has been kicked of the throne of the rainbow on to number 2.

There is a new 'color' that I discovered lately and am kind of obsessing over it. It simply makes me happy! Turquoise, mint, baby blue, you are my new loves! Give me something blue, green and everything in between. It feels fresh, perfect for spring and adds that nice pop of color to any outfit, home deco and more.

The products shown on the picture are:

The left upper corner you see Kiko Mint Quick Dry 835 Mint nail polish. They are currently on sale!
Below that my Spigen Hybrid iPhone 6 Case. 
In the middle my iPad air 2 case from Yippee in Mint green.
On the top right, one of my Ray Ban Aviators, 55mm in blue green.
In the right corner on the bottom you find one of my future posts. CLEAN Warm Cotton Eau de Toilette. Who doesn't like to smell clean? 

What are your favorite spring colors? Peach is nice to for sure, but mint green and turquoise are perfect for me at the moment.

Absolutely stunning! Lasts really long too!

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  1. Graciela salazar12.5.15

    A few months ago I discovered that color in a car, from that day seeking anything in that tone.

  2. Julia Stopczyk12.5.15

    It's exactly colour I truly adore! I have few nail polishes, dress and T-shirt in that shade. Perfect summer colour for me ;)

  3. Jessie Line12.5.15

    i love this so much but my favorite color all the time is peach orange and light greet *_*
    but not for wearing, only dark colors fits me :)

  4. Татьяна Осмоловская12.5.15

    Hi Simona) my spring color - white. I think that this color is good on all seasons)

  5. Finde meine grünen Aviators momentan nicht. :-( Aber die iPhone Hülle hab ich auch. :-) Ich mag Türkis und Minze auch sehr gerne. Muss dann immer ans Meer im Sommer denken. Herrlich.

  6. Make up Addict12.5.15

    If you want to show us some fashion haul with this color we will be all happy :)

  7. Turquoise my favorite color for the spring <3

  8. Geisa Lourenço12.5.15

    I love purple! Dark or light. And violet too! During all the year! Give me something with this colours and I will be happy!!! :)

  9. Viktorija Olimpija Rakūnaitė12.5.15

    This summer I am all about red! I do love all bold colors, pastels don't suit me very well. Blue and green have been my favorites for a long time! :)

  10. Ana Dobrota13.5.15

    Turquoise as well, at least this spring :D

  11. Alessandra13.5.15

    Hello Simone! I LOVE all the shades of blue! It's an Amazing color, linked with the the pesce of mind, the tranquillity... Kandinskij said: "The darker is the blue, the most it represents the infinity depth"
    My favourite shade is the Pantone 2171 c (yes, I'm so obsessed with colours to search their codes on the Pantone site!)
    I'm going do dye half of my hair in a dark, deep blue... I'm sure it will be amazing!
    Hugs from Italy!

  12. That nail polish it's stunning, really hope I will find it somewhere <3

  13. Karotiini16.5.15

    been obsessed with turquoise for years and Im IveImWAYS wearing it someway weather its a small detail or a bag, its my thing haha.
    So nice turquoise tips are welcome. Baby blue and mint goes too ;-)

  14. Monalisa16.5.15

    Those colors are so beautiful, they fit very well in you!
    I have a similar nail polish and some clothes. Have a nice weekend!

  15. Eva Sêco21.5.15

    Although I'm almost always dressed in black and red, black and purple, black and grey, black and green...... Black and black... I. Love mint. Love love love.