Beauty Bin #10

by 12.5.15

Consider this the biggest Beauty Bin up to date. I accumulated a hoarder's amount of lotions and potions. I should do BB more often. Like that, my house won't drown in empty packages.

Like last time, I will divide them into Face, Hair, Body and this time I've added Make Up. 
Get yourself something to snack and a drink because it will be quite the list. 



Bebe More Brighten- Up Day creme  (2x) A nice light day creme, perfect for mixed skin types. I do find that it stings my eyes a bit, so try to stay away from them.
Bebe More Bedtime Beauty A thicker consistancy than the Brighten- Up Day creme. I wanted to try it out, but found it too rich for my skin type.
L'Oreal Waterproof make up remover Great, but not the best.
Alverde Clear Peeling face mask I loved this because it didn't irritate my skin. It helped with the impurities and left my skin nice and soft.
Maybelline Waterproof make up remover Hoarding this big time. For me close to the best, but I need more to get rid of the waterproof mascaras. They are a to get off!
Weleda Mandel (almond) Face creme (2x) I tried my best, but after two tubes, I couldn't get used to the weird feeling of having a layer on my skin. It felt as if my skin didn't absorb it. Better for dry skin.
L'Oreal Micellar Solution Water Tried it, went back to Bioderma.
Kryolan Waterproof Eye make up remover For me the best to remove waterproof mascara. Kryolan nailed it! It is a bit pricier than the Maybelline, but it lasts longer. No stinging eyes. Very comfortable. Need to get me some new ones asap.


Eubos Sensitive hand creme Still my all time favorite hand creme. My holy grail for dry hands.
Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer Pure Oat Extract Perfect for a thin layer of lotion, not a miracle product. The scent is not my thing, but I love the idea of spray lotions. 
Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer Aloe Now here is more my scent. I love how aloe has a cooling effect on the skin. Perfect for hot summer days.
Rituals Wai Gang body scrub My favorite scent of the whole Rituals range. White lotus and Yi Yi Ren. Great scrub. Only downside is the bottle. You gotta work the muscles to squeeze it out. 
Balea Soft Oil Balm body lotion You know this one, right? A must for every girl!
Dusch Das Golden Cashmere deo roller Love this scent and that it works. No more smelly armpits.
Kneipp Nachtkerze shower gel  A very soft and scent and great for sensitive skin. It did hydrate my skin.


Anderson Oil and Care shampoo Will not buy this. Made my hair grease up on the day I washed it. Way too rich and makes the hair weigh down. Will not buy this again. It was an emergency purchase.
Paul Mitchell Keratin Intensive Treatment If it weren't for the price, I would buy this more often. I go through conditioners like crazy. It would just get too pricy. It is great, but too expensive. 
Balea Deep Cleanse Shampoo I like to crunch up my hair with texture sprays and put oil in the ends of my hair. This is a good shampoo to get rid of all the build up and isn't too harsh for my hair.
Andrelon Keratine Repair Conditioner There you have an affordable conditioner that I really seem to like ;) Still using this on a two daily basis. I wash my hair every second day. The Dutch drugstore 'Kruidvat' often has two for one. My mom always stocks me up. Rob helped me out once too.


Manhattan Endless Stay Make-Up 62 Porcelain (2x) A super affordable and great medium to full coverage foundation. They changed the packaging and the formula a bit. I loved that it came in squeeze tubes for traveling, but I did sometimes blob out too much. 
Maybelline Age rewind concealer in Light (2x) Love this for highlighting. Not enough coverage for (my) under eye area. 
Kryolan Lip Stain in Rock My color red that I have been wearing for The Quantum Enigma photo shoots and shows. It is a super opaque red that stays on like a dream. Already on my second tube.
Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover in Vanilla My secret concealer for those days where you just need it. I also love to use it for the stage because it is a great stage/night time full coverage foundation. For day time I find it too heavy. It also emphasizes the pores and oxidizes. Funny story is that I wore this during giving birth (yes, I wore make up). It stayed on during my water birth. 
L'Oreal Super Liner in Brown One of my staples. It is a beautiful dark brown liquid liner with a glossy finish. 
Essence Studio Nails fast drying top coat It is ok, still doesn't come close to Seche Vite.
Ebelin Nail Polish remover without acetone Always have this in my house and travel bag. I should switch up to a new one. My nails have been in a horrible condition lately. Split and weak. Do you guys know a good one?
Ebelin Nail Polish remover pads without acetone These are more forgiving for the nails, but it lasts longer to get the nail polish off and I don't have the patience for that ;)

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  1. Hi Simone! I love when you do these type of posts. They're always short and sweet (to be read with enough info about the products).

    Did you tried the Balea spray on bodylotion? I love it!!!
    Have a great day! :)

  2. Daniela V.12.5.15

    Hi Simone!

    I love your Beauty Bin posts. It's really nice to read many information about several products. Splitting and weak nails? Have you tried some fortifying nail base? Or some nail treatment? My nails were in this same condition once, they looked really bad, so I got a fortifying nail base and no more weak nails. But it's important not to use nail polish remover with acetone. Acetone damages too much the nails.

    All the best to you.

  3. Viktorija Olimpija Rakūnaitė12.5.15

    I find that doing my nails often makes them stronger. I do mine at least once a week, sometimes up to 3 times ( I do enjoy that... :)), every time with the entire procedure of cleaning, reshaping, filing and buffing, and finally painting. I file my nails (always with a metal file) every day and I feel it makes them grow longer and stronger. Is it just me?..

  4. Xsandra13.5.15

    Very useful post as always, thanks for sharing all this!
    Having super dry hands and nails, I felt the same way about the Ebelin nail polish remover and switched to the Opi acetone-free one, which doesn't dry the nails out that aggressively and is still pretty effective - if you can get your hands on it, I'd say it's definitely worth trying!

  5. Ana Dobrota13.5.15

    I disovered the perfect and most affordable nail polish remover, "EXPRESS", but it's made in Serbia and not exported (I think)... Sooo, maybe come to Serbia :) ? Also, a great thing for nail recovery is Eveline 8in1 which can be found in every dm.

  6. Daniela Sanjur14.5.15

    Simone you have to try this trick to remove your nail polish, its very easy and fast! I've done it several times and it works wonders :)

    And if you want to have strong nails, add some chopped garlic into your base coat or clear nail polish, it really works and don't worry cause you won't smell the garlic ;)

  7. Try the eye makeup remover from Garnier, the one that has 2 phases, it's SO good, it takes out everything, the only con is that you can go through it too fast.

  8. Eva Sêco15.5.15

    Useful, as always! But...hmmmm where do I find (some of) these things? :P

    GIRLS!!!! Do any of you know any magical product to help with stretch marks? I know they will not vanish...but.....

  9. Nefeli Greece17.5.15

    Most of these products seem very useful. Unfortunately, I can't find them in Greece. As long as waterproof mascara is considered, you can apply regular mascara and after that waterproof in order to make it last longer and easier to remove. Otherwise waterproof mascara can be removed with almond or olive oil. Nails usually break due to lack of moisture. Using almond oil on the cuticles can help moisturise them and prevent breakage. Hope this is useful! Hugs from Greece!

  10. Maya Golan22.5.15

    Hi Simone,
    Did you try to use Coconut oil as eye makeup remover?
    Few weeks ago, I started using coconut oil as a makeup remover and as a skin
    moisturizer (I usually apply the oil on my face after taking a shower and
    before going to bed I put a rich face cream) and it made my skin very soft,
    smooth and healthy. It's 100% natural, very affordable and it even smells good.
    It takes about 15-20 minutes to absorb in the skin but it really worth the result.

  11. Bettina24.5.15

    couldn't agree more! These natural products are always cheaper and more efficient! Even olive oil works! (i just dont have the patience to let it absorb, I wash it as soon as all the junk is removed)

    I'd recommend clay as well. I even apply it on my scalp to detox the roots.

  12. Shiying Müller22.6.15

    Hast du mal Haarprodukte von John Masters Organics probiert? Auch nicht ganz günstig, aber wundervolle Inhaltsstoffe!