Smells like Smoonstyle #5 'CLEAN' Eau de Parfum

by 20.5.15

Who doesn't like to smell like fresh laundry? I love the scent of most laundry detergent. I don't think that I am alone in this matter.  It is such a shame that that scent vanishes so quickly and that the 'fresh' feeling also disappears with it.

In my clothing closet I keep a 'Febreze Cotton Fresh' spray to give my clothes an update after I've washed them.

For myself I found the perfect perfum at a duty-free shop in Sweden. I discovered the brand 'CLEAN' and couldn't stop sniffing all the perfumes and candles. So divine! By the time I entered the plane, I smelled like a laundromat haha! I didn't buy anything and kind of regretted it right after the plane took off. 

Thanks to the internet,  I found a webshop that sells CLEAN products. At the Sephora website they have CLEAN (totally want the rollerball collection), but don't ship this overseas.

CLEAN - Warm Cotton - Eau de Parfum

Notes are citrus, jasmine and lilac with a touch of amber and musk. 
The packaging is eco-conscious. It contains NO parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, artificial colors, animal ingredients, animal testing and talc. 

Available at:


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  1. Alessandra20.5.15

    Ho Simone! I love the scent of laundry detergent too! It always seems that these perfumes rest on other people clothes but not on mine, maybe because my nose get used very soon to them... The Clean bottle also marche your favourite colour of this time!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Татьяна Осмоловская20.5.15

    Hello Simona. Is a very interesting flavor!

  3. Oh, hört sich sehr gut an. Mag solche cleanen :-) Düfte. Auf der Seite gibts auch das Rollerball-Set. Habe es mir mal bestellt. So kann ich erstmal alle testen bevor ich ein großes kaufe.

  4. Arianna Lenzi21.5.15

    I'd like to try that parfume, but unfortunately the price tag is not in my budget. By the way, have you ever tried "clean cotton" and "fluffy towels" fragrances by Yankee Candles? I think you could love them... they make the whole house smell amazing!

    Bye Simone, see you in Trezzo in November.



  5. Lucrezia Gentili21.5.15

    In which Swedish city did you discover that brand?

  6. Salomé Sunilda ArkEl23.5.15

    i love those perfume! one of the rare perfume that don't give me headache as well. i'm lucky that my mother in law have 2 of those (cotto t-shirt & summer sailing) i let me use them if i want to :)

  7. Eva Sêco26.5.15

    I want it so much!

  8. Vanessa Elena26.5.15

    Hi Simone! It looks (yes, it looks) delicious...I will search it, I love clean the way, I love that you changed the page fonts to be turquoise now haha, it suits good to the page. Have a lovely day!!! Hugs.

  9. Sally Grey12.6.15

    Hey Dear I'm wondering if you remember a girl who gave you a lacoste parfum at the past concert for be more exactly mexico city (Metropolitan)? Well that's me 😀😃😄 I really don't know what type of parfum you prefer but my boyfriend and I will try to choose a nice smell .. So it was great if you let me know , who was our choice, hah good or not bad at all 😊 Have a nice day 😀xoxo Miriam