Nude Simone

by 4.5.15

Nude Simone. Got you there for a second, didn't I? I know, I am a tease. 

My second Charlotte Tilbury order contained more than just the Filmstar Bronze and Glow. I just couldn't resist. A lipstick, a blush and another eyeshadow quad also arrived at my home. 

This lipstick is a gorgeous nude color named after the beautiful and iconic Kate Moss. It came together with 'Love is a Drug' blush in a set. 

Nude Kate is a very opaque, creamy beige nude. You can either slap it on full or blot it a bit.
I find that when I blot it, it suits me better. However, I find that really nude lipsticks in general make me look washed out. They change my face. It is not one of my favorite looks, but I wanted to show it to you anyway. 

The next time that I wear it, will be with another lipstick on top or maybe even a gloss when I am having a pony tail hair day. 

Enjoy your day, nude or dressed ;)

What are your favorite nude lipsticks? Please share!



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  1. Mariele Castán4.5.15

    You are the most beautiful woman in the world I mean you are so much beautiful than a lot of top models and actresses, you are gorgeous!!! Truly an angel my dear Simone!!! I love you so much :-) Please post your favorite fragrances of all the time!!! :-) Xoxo Smoon and I swear if you were lesbian and single I'd fight for your love. :-*

  2. Mariele Castán4.5.15

    By the way I love the nude look but you know look GORGEOUS and PERFECT with any look!!! :-3 Love you so much and please make more Makeup Contests because I want to participate!!! n_n

  3. I love nude lipsticks....but only on other girls. Usually I do not look good with a nude. Unfortunately :(

  4. emmy5.5.15

    you are funny and so pretty Simone :) i do not wear any nude lipstick, they don't suit me! your hair look gorgeous as well!

  5. Valerie Garcia6.5.15

    you look beautiful (:

  6. Kas116.5.15

    Love this oil, when I get a very fresh batch it smells a tiny bit like watermelon, amazing.

  7. Kas116.5.15

    Baby oil is the best even for waterproof stuff, you wont be tugging your skin with that. I've used it for years, I still get carded at 34 so maybe it's working :P

  8. Ana Dobrota7.5.15

    I would like to see that pony-tail-hair-day look :)

  9. Eva Sêco9.5.15

    I think I like it..... Never tried nude colours much..

    Hmmm... I guess I will give it a try.

  10. Monalisa16.5.15

    Loved your nude! hahaha
    I bought a nude lipsticks few time ago, I also don't use to wear nude make up.
    I have many lipsticks, the nude is last one on right, it's very similar to yours.:-)